Wonderful Kirsten!

More Danish nostalgia... I got so inspired by Gry... But seriously, anyone who had heart would love Kirsten Siggaard. This wonderful, wonderful singer, who delighted us so many times in the 80's and represented Denmark no less than three times in the ESC as part of the duo Hot Eyes.

She took part in the Danish heats no less than seven times, solo and with Hot Eyes, and all of the songs are well worth spending some time listening to over and over again.

Kirsten & Sir Henry - Og livet går - Denmark NF 1983

Hot Eyes - Det' lige det - Denmark 1984

Hot Eyes - Sku' du spør fra' no'en - Denmark 1985

Hot Eyes - Si' det som det er - Denmark NF 1986

Hot Eyes - Farvel og tak - Denmark NF 1987

Hot Eyes - Ka' du se hva' jeg sa - Denmark 1988

Kirsten Siggaard - Inden længe - Denmark NF 1990

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