My Lovely (Irish) Turkey

In the last couple of weeks there has been a rumour about Ireland sending a turkey called Dustin to Eurovision. Since then Irish TV has confirmed that Dusty the Turkey WILL be one of the acts in their national final. My sources tell me that this character is so popular that he will win hands down on home ground. I have shaken my head and begged the mighty Eurovision God to spare us from more novelty acts this year. But then someone sent me this spoof from a radio show and suddenly I found myself in a giggles attack in front of the computer. If the real Dustin can come up with something equally witty and silly, I may have to surrender...

Douze points for Ireland (Eurovision spoof 2008)

...after all, I absolutely loved the same kind of parody the Irish did in an episode of 90s sitcom Father Ted. I laughed until I cried the first time I came across Father Ted's entry to "A song for Europe". Now it seems like reality is overshadowing fiction.

Father Ted - "My Lovely Horse"

Fab preview video!!!

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Tobias said...

Lord almighty, save us from bird flu. Whing that turkey!