It was 20 years ago today...

Holy cow, I just realised that it is exactly 20 years since Melodifestivalen 1988 today. All of a sudden (pun intended) I feel very old.

I really longed and ached for MF this year, and I had written to SVT Malmö who sent me the complete line-up by letter as well as the official sticker for the event. I was so happy and so hopeful, and it was the first MF I ever owned on video.

I recorded the songs off the radio (on a very modern and hip-looking Sony audio tape that was completely transparent and somewhat pink) and made my own tape cover to match it. I loved it, played the songs over and over again, and couldn't wait for the ESC from Dublin.

Maybe I was a bit disappointed when Lotta Engberg didn't win, but these days my favourites would be Lena Philipsson (of course) and Siw Malmkvist. Ah, the memories. Those were the days.

Siw Malmkvist - Det är kärlek - MF 1988

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Maria N said...

Oh, sweet memories!! MF 88 is a true classic! But you forgot to mention the one and only Uffe ;-) I thought I was gonna faint (my friends who was with me can confirm it's true...) when he performed "Nästa weekend at last year's Sthlm Pride. THAT is nostalgia... :-)