When Susanne Alfvengren goes on stage tonight she won't be the first in her family with a ESC-connection. What previous Eurovision singer is a relative to Susanne? Answers on a postcard or indeed in the comments below.


Listen! MF semi 4

Christer Björkman you are killing me! This week there are 3 songs I need to see in Globen. Period. Saturday night will be painful when not more than one of them will get a direct ticket to Globen. Grr!

Agnes - "Love love love"
The song is close to Agnes recent hit "On and on". That is a good thing. Hoping the whole song is as good as the snippet because this is the one I liked the best on the very first run-through. On the other hand reports are stating that Agnes has voice problems and might not cut it live. Maybe the fantastic golden catsuit will help!

Star pilots - "Higher"
The first thing that comes to mind is an altered version of the old Baywatch theme. Rather nice retro-feel to it I must say and I kind of dig it. Could aspire on a 5th place in this strong line up.

Susanne Alfvengren - "Du är älskad där du går"
Likeable ballad with good familiar voice but not up to standard with the second ballad in this weeks' heat. So unfortunately it will be left outside the top 5. The beginning of the clip SVT has granted us with had me humming along to another song. Took me a good while to realise which one it was. Now I know - it's the chorus of "Lullaby" by Brandur from MF08.

Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng - "Killing me tenderly"
I have been waiting for this entry ever since the singers were announced. Norway was my favourite last year. I can't judge so soon if "Killing me tenderly" is as good but without doubt a favourite from MF09. 60s sound baked with modern pop and a stroke of schlager. Very close to what I listen to outside the ESC-bubble.

Thorleifs - "Sweet kissin' in the moonlight"
Lasse Holm. ABBA-piano. "Dag efter dag". This is nothing less than a total 80s schlager revival. Quite catchy even though I normally loathe dansband. Fair enough if the Swedes send Thorleifs to Andra Chansen but please not directly to Globen. There are so many better contestants.

Sarah Dawn Finer - "Moving on"
On first hearing I thought: very good ballad but better than "I remember love"? Then I played it again. And again. And again. Now I can't stop. It gives me serious goosebumps. SDF is always better live too. Just thinking about her live show tomorrow makes me all tingly inside. A ballad worthy Celine Dion and her likes that would be a world wide hit immediately. Moscow! Moscow!

Next 3 - "Esta noche"
The chorus and the Spanish part is good but rap in Swedish always fails. A lot better than say Mikael Rickfors' attempt in MF last week but still this entry is destined for last place tomorrow. Someone needs to come last too you know.

Malena Erman - "La voix"
Malena seems to be a fun woman and the stage show is said to be really tight. But opera in MF hasn't worked for me in the past and I feel something missing this time around too. I suspect others will love it and vote it into the top 5 but La voix leaves me cold. Sadly, as I had heard great things about it and had rather high expectations.

In the perfect world of Posh: I hate to pick only two of my three favourites but it's a tough world and it must be done. So Sarah and Sahlene/Haukaas to Globen. Agnes and Star pilots to Andra Chansen. Susanne 5th. Then Thorleifs, Malena and Next 3 in that order.

The Swedes will vote:
Andra Chansen
5. Malena
6. Star pilots
7. Susanne
8. Next 3


Swiss lovebugs in the building

Things are shaping up! I haven't posted new ESC-entries for a while just because they are not worthy of being exploited on this blog. Yeah, it's been that bad. Then comes Switzerland to the rescue totally out of the blue. Who would have guessed that the Swiss had it in them?! Hurrah!

Switzerland 2009. Lovebugs - "The highest heights"

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Earlier stuff from Lovebugs:



Eesti laul 2009 without sweaty old men

On Saturday it's time for Estonia to pick their entry in Eurolaul (or Eesti laul). This national final is very close to my heart since I have visited Eurolaul several times and I have good friends in Estonia who have been working with the event in different ways. Last year I was really pissed off when the people voted for the awful "Leto svet" which still turns my stomach. This year they can't go that much wrong. My favourites are Laura and Rolf Junior but I could live with Urban Symphony, Traffic and Janne Saar too. Go to ETV to see preview videos of all 10 songs.
While we wait for the result let's watch (and listen to) some cracker songs from the last few years in Eurolaul.

Eurolaul 2008. Rolf Junior - "One on One"

Eurolaul 2007. Laura - "Sunflowers"

Eurolaul 2006. Ines - "Iseendale"

Eurolaul 2004. Maarja - "Homme"

Eurolaul 2004. Kerli - "Beautiful inside"

Unfortunately there were no videos of Meribel "Mr Right" (2006), Eha "Gotta go" (2005) or Koit Toome "Know how I feel" (2003) on YouTube so you'll just have to take my word for how good they are.

Petra Mede is the queen of comedy

I know Velvet is not the best of singers but how can anybody seriously think that Mikael Rickfors' dead-boring gubbrock shite was better than "The Queen"? I need answers because I don't understand at all...

That performance (and song) is as close to Kylie Sweden will ever get.

Forgot to mention in the last blog entry that Petra Mede was hilarious this time. She has been funny in earlier weeks but on Saturday she was outstanding. This part of the night had me in stitches:

But what the hell SVT? Why did you cut the clip before she was done in the greenroom? The best part is missing! Cowardness?! Are you that afraid of Carola? Thank God for Youtube (as long as it is there before SVT takes actions...)

I love it!!! Brilliant humour!


You're not alone I got u så vill stjärnorna but baby goodbye

Tonight the Swedes voted almost as I predicted but I did not see Rigo & Rickfors getting that far...

Molly Sandén - Så vill stjärnorna
EMD - Baby, Goodbye
Andra Chansen
BWO - You're not alone
Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat Red
5. Mikael Rickfors - Du vinner över mig
6. Velvet - The Queen
7. Sofia - Alla
8. Maja Gullstrand - Här för mig själv

- BWO will now compete against Lili & Susie in Andra Chansen. Shame as I like both songs but I seriously hope that BWO will win that game as the song was magnificent in its full 3 minutes. My sister and I were drooling like two teenagers when Martin looked straight into the camera.

- "Skrällen" Rigo & Co will compete against Caroline af Ugglas and by then I believe people have grown tired of the repetitive "I got u" and favours Caroline's heartfelt Janis Joplin composition instead.

- The international jury keeps surprising me with odd choices and this week Sofia got the ticket. Sweden will NEVER send a song in Greek to Eurovision so what's the point? Surely BWO should have taken her place. What were they thinking? Maybe next week they'll favour Thorleif!!

- Velvet did not sing well at all but the song deserved a much better fate than that and I hope it becomes a hit as soon as possible. Even "The Queen" would have been a more rational choice from the jury than "Alla".

- "I got u" was a cute little ditty and I could have lived with Rigo and friends ending up at 5th place but seriously, Andra Chansen? Well, rather them than Rickfors I suppose but still...

- Molly was beautiful and sang like an angel except for a frog during her winner's reprise. I got Sanna Nielsen-vibes several times and she'll do well in Globen but rumour has it that Sarah Dawn Finer has a killer ballad next week too. And really, it's Molly lifting the song and not vice versa.

- Erik, Mattias and Danny did fine considering the reports from rehearsals had been so and so. The song is no way near a master piece and I fear Globen as the young girls will vote, vote, vote for their idols. "Baby goodbye" can be a radio hit but I'd hate to see it as Sweden's hope in Moscow.

- What happened with Micke Rickfors? What's the deal there? I. Don't. Get. It. Was his song really that much better than Velvet, Sofia and Maja's? Really? Shame on you Swedish people.

- Maja's voice was better live than in the studio version and the performance looked ok to me. Thought she'd be 5th but what do I know these days...

- I don't know if I didn't pay enough attention or if the song wasn't as good in its full 3 minutes as I thought the snippet was. Sofia fell a bit flat for me during the show. Maybe I have to re-watch her performance on SVT Play.

- BWO! BWO! BWO! No more comment needed. That band always rise to the occation. So my voting didn't help them reach the final but just you wait until Andra Chansen and my phone bill will go bankrupt.

Listen! MF semi 3

Was supposed to have posted my comments last night. But I fell asleep. Simple as that. At least they're here now.

Velvet - "The Queen"
Best song tonight but what good does that do when Velvet has a habit of coming 5th. From what I've seen from rehearsals the number will appeal to children with the princess-theme and a castle on the LED-screens but kiddies are not allowed to vote as many times as teenagers (for EMD). Shame Velvet is not a great live singer, that could have convinced a few more people.

Rigo & The Topaz Sound feat. Red Fox - "I got u"
Rigo was once a member of Latin Kings. The song has a nice beat and is linked with "Mambo No.5", you'll agree. Though I think 1 minute is enough and fear that it won't be more than "I've got u, jojojojojo, I've got u..." 3 minutes straight.

Molly Sandén - "Så vill stjärnorna"
This song is the long lost cousin to "Kärleken är", every Disney ballad in the book, the complete works of Sanna Nielsen and a dansband ballad. Like it or not young Molly is a star in the making with a beautiful voice who makes the number believable so Globen it is. But sorry Pling, you are definitely losing it.

E.M.D - "Baby, Goodbye"
I've never been a fan of EMD (though like Danny's solo work) so had no expectations on their entry. The song seems ok and reminds me of something else. What? It will sail through no matter what just because it's EMD. Fjortisar will vote like crazy and the song will get picked up on radio stations but if anybody screams Moscow I'll punch them.

Mikael Rickfors - "Du vinner över mig"
How I dislike "gubbrock"! Tobbe Ek said that the chorus reminded him of Sandra Dahlberg's old "Här stannar jag kvar" and I can hear that too. Never liked that one either. I even have trouble understanding the jury who picked this over thousands of other suggestions. No thanks. Last?

Maja Gullstrand - "Här för mig själv"
I have no relation to Fame Factory-Maja as I lived in Finland at the time. I just know that I hate her juvenile voice but the song has its charm. Bossanova has made it before. Remember "A different kind of love" in 2005 - another weak semi final. Don't be surprised if Maja gets a ticket to Andra Chansen but I hope her fun stops at 5th place as best.

Sofia - Alla
With the title I was expecting the lyrics to be Swedish but it's in Greek and I should have known that really since Sofia's last entry was originally sung in Greek too. I quite like this and could imagine Anna Vissi singing this as an album track. She would do it a million times better though. Naturally. Anna is a Greek goddess after all. I'll send this to Andra Chansen but I doubt the Swedes will be as kind as I am.

BWO - You're not alone
This is not as strong as I had hoped for in the 1 minute snippet but then again I haven't seen Martin in action yet... But without even seeing the sexiest man in Sweden (Martin, not Alexander) it is my second favourite tonight. And Marina (possibly the sexiest woman in Sweden) has another sultry talking part just like last year. I hope it goes well for the bodies without organs.

In the perfect world of Posh: Velvet and BWO to Globen. Sofia and Molly to Andra Chansen. EMD 5th. Then Maja, Rigo and Rickfors in that order.

The Swedes will vote:
Andra Chansen
5. Velvet

I think Velvet will be 5th out of habit but it could also be that she change places with Maja. Sofia will just miss out.


Oh dear...

Anyone wanna take bets on how long it will take before the EBU take actions against Georgia? There is no chance in hell that they will be allowed that lyrics after everything that has been going on between Georgia and Russia. The song is called "We don't wanna put in" and is a disco stomper. The country is playing with fire here. Dangerous. Get it? Put in. Putin. We don't want Putin.


Ode to Eirikur and Vincent

Earlier today I listened to "Valentine Lost" and was yet again puzzled over how powerful the song is together with Eirikur's voice. I'm still upset Iceland never reached the final in 2007. I did get to meet Eirikur though and you couldn't ask for a nicer man. Ever since I saw him sing for Norway in 1991 (Just4Fun - Mrs. Thompson) I have associated him with Vincent from the late 80s tv-series "Beauty and the Beast" for rather obvious reasons. My friend Linda and I were kind of obsessed with the show despite our young age. I haven't seen it since then until tonight. Turns out TV4 Guld here in Sweden is broadcasting re-runs of the series and I was lucky enough to catch an episode today. Ah, don't you just love the 80s! Or what do you say Eirikur? 1986 was a hip year, wasn't it? Big hairstyles and groovy outfits. Like a little certain Icelandic pop band had in Eurovision that same year. Yes? Icy - Gledibankinn.


Patricia Kaas Live

France 2009. Patricia Kaas - "Et s'il fallait le faire"

As performed live on French TV last night. Hypnotic. This is not the final Eurovision version though as they need to cut another 30 seconds. The last minute is the best part of the song so I don't mind if it comes a bit sooner.

I'm usually not very into jury groups but since I really like this song and doubt it would get far with only televoting I'm slowly getting used to the idea that Eurovision 2009 will use 50/50 juries and televoting in the final.


Hope and glory show me heaven and I'll walk 1000 miles because it's my life

MF semi 2 result:
Måns Zelmerlöw - "Hope & Glory
H.E.A.T - "1000 Miles"
Andra Chansen
Lili & Susie - "Show me heaven"
Amy Diamond - "It's my life"
5. Cookies n Beans - "What if"
6. Markoolio - "Kärlekssång från mig"
7. Jennifer Brown - "Never been here before"
8. Lasse Lindh - "Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter"

- It was HEAT vs Amy and Måns vs Lili & Susie in the duels. I wonder if Måns was in the lead? But then that would mean L&S was only 4th. Or did the Swedes back rock and had Amy 4th? I'm such a nerd getting excited over these kind of things... ;)

- I'm guessing people already are at peace with the new voting system though. Right?!

- Now, what about that international jury? What's the deal? Sure, Amy was good but a more realistic choice would have been Brown or the Cookies. Scrap the current jury and give me the job instead!

- "Show me heaven" looked a bit messy on stage but never mind that when the Finnish sisters looked so happy to be back in the limelight. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one getting a smile on my face seeing the choreography straight from the 80s heydays. The song does stick around in your head too.

- The camera work during Lasse's number made me seasick. Or carsick. Everything was spinning too fast which made it difficult to concentrate on the song itself.

- Jennifer sounded out of breath and I missed a spark in her eyes. Also the performance would become more complete if she had worn a different outfit. I'm thinking a classy yet smoking hot black long dress with Swarowski stones and a vent to show some leg. I understood Jennifer would miss out on the final 5 after this but still her entry was the best song of the night for me.

Jennifer Brown - "Never Been Here Before"

- I stand by the fact that H.E.A.T wasn't much fun to look at but the singer sure can sing and being the only rock song in the field made it pretty obvious that people would vote regardless after having heard the whole song.

- A part of me feels sorry for Markoolio. He looked so nervous and he wanted to be funny but didn't quite get there. Having sung one of his usual stuff would have got him further.

- "Robo Girl" Amy was professional as always. But come on, you are 17 now you don't have to look 13 anymore even if your biggest audience is kids. They'll still like you if you grow up. New clothes in Andra Chansen please to match the song.

- Would have preferred to see the Cookies in Andra Chansen instead of Amy since they had the second best song of the night. Shame.

Cookies n Beans - "What If"

- I bet Mums Mums could sing anything and get away with it really. The number looked tight and well rehearsed but as my roomie pointed out we did not understand why the women on stage had to be half naked. "Hope & Glory" is a true MF-anthem and will live happily ever after but I think it would be a mistake to send it to Eurovision.

Next week: Velvet, Rigo & The Topaz Sound, Molly Sandén, EMD, Mikael Rickfors, Maja Gullstrand, Sofia och BWO.


Listen! MF semi 2

Has it already been a week?! The new songs are up and you can listen by clicking on the blog title.

Lili & Susie - "Show Me Heaven"
Talk about nostalgia! Posh was a Lili & Susie fan back in the days and even forced her poor grandmother to mime with her during their playdates. (I was Lili, she was Susie) With that said I'm pleased the comeback is full of pure 80s pop and a catchy chorus. The Gimme, gimme, gimme hook is a nice addition too.

Lasse Lindh - "Jag ska slåss i dina kvarter"
Similar to his entry last year but slightly better. I get Patrik Isaksson-vibes more than Håkan Hellström ditto. Likable but I don't think it will stand out enough in this crowd. Would have done better last week...

Jennifer Brown - "Never Been Here Before"
My personal favourite in this heat. Markus Larsson (Aftonbladet) compared it to Dusty Springfield in a column. At that point I was sold and suspicious all the same. Brown is no La Dust (then again nobody is in my world) but the style is definitely there. A soulpop ballad. Yes please!

H.E.A.T - "1000 Miles"
The influence from Bon Jovi and Europe is evident. A good melody, just not as instant as One Night of Passion or indeed In My Dreams (the best rock entry in ESC in my book). Good voice though but I think we might get bored watching them on stage. That could be their fall.

Markoolio - "Kärlekssång från mig"
The "Magnus Uggla of the 21st century" award goes hands down to Markoolio. The question is if he's serious or doing a parody? If the latter I quite enjoy it from the novelty perspective but I'm really not into that type of music otherwise. There's even a wink to Dima Bilan on stage but will folks remember his piano ballerina (2006), skates + violin (2008) enough to get it?

Amy Diamond - "It's My Life"
I prefer the verse to the chorus based on the clip. A more grown up and modern Amy and you can tell Mr Bard has a finger in the game here as the song easily could have been a track on the first BWO album. Just not sure if it would have been one of the singles. Amy is a pro but it won't be no "räkmacka" (prawn sandwich!) to Globen.

Cookies n Beans - "What If"
Release Me by Oh Laura was amazing. This is closer to Dolly Parton than that but what do I care. I've had a crush on Dolly a few years now so I dig What If. Everything but the dresses (update: they've changed the dresses! Thank God!). Nothing you'd expect to hear in MF but after last week I wouldn't be surprised if the girls advance to Andra Chansen.

Måns Zelmerlöw - "Hope And Glory"
You've heard it before. Several times. It's Kempe in a nutshell. Still he finds a twist to keep it interesting enough and by all means it's The Måns who performs the song. People will get what they expect and they won't be disappointed. Not sure I'd want to ship the entry off to Moscow but Hope & Glory deserves to be in Globen.

Why so few good songs last week and so many now? Unfair of Björkman to make me choose 4 songs out of this strong bunch. It will all come down to the live performance I guess...

In the perfect world of Posh:
Jennifer Brown
Måns Zelmerlöw
Andra Chansen
Lili & Susie
Cookies n Beans
5. Amy Diamond

I won't do a "Posh says the people will vote" after last week's fiasco. You just vote as you're told, ok! I have a sneaky feeling H.E.A.T might push one of my choices out when the people have their say though. Please just don't let it be Jennifer Brown...


Decision made in Andorra

Andorra. Susanna Georgi - "La teva desició"

I don't have an opinion about this song yet. I just get a feeling that Susanna isn't right for this type of song. Is she too old? Is that it? Somehow I imagine a young teenager would have gotten away with it more easily. Andorra will not be in an envelope come the semi final night.


Please please Stay the night because You're my world and I believe in us

Here is an apology to the Swedish people. I underestimated you. I'm sorry! Next week I'll predict the results only based on my heart and the outcome might be closer to the real result. "In the perfect world of Posh" I had 3 out of 4 winners yesterday...

MF semi 1 result:
Alcazar - "Stay the night"
Emilia - "You're my world"
Andra Chansen
Caroline af Ugglas - "Snälla snälla"
Scotts - "Jag tror på oss"
5. Nina - "Tick Tock"
6. Marie - "Disconnect me"
7. Jonathan - "Welcome to my world"
8. Shirley Clamp - "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus"

- The international jury chose to give Caroline another go. Even if she does not advance in AC there's still a chance for her to reach the final.

- The voting with duels was not at all so confusing as the tabloids want to give the impression of. This system has been used in Andra Chansen and the reactions have never been this harsh. Guess the Swedes still are conservative even though they got the songs right. I agree with Christer Björkman - in a few weeks nobody will whine anymore when they have gotten used to the idea. Don't be so bloody afraid of changes!

- Petra Mede made an agreeable debut. I liked her jokes but she had her head in the cue cards too much. Considering the dress rehearsal had been chaotic I don't blame her though. And the dress changes were fabulous!

- There were too many words in Nina's entry. I felt out of breath just listening. Forgettable.

- Jonathan gave me the same feeling as I wrote yesterday. The song does nothing for me. Boring.

- I nod in agreement with myself when reading what I said yesterday about Shirley's song. Too bland. I had never heard Clamp take a bum note before. Shame. But last place?!

- I have no new comment to share about Scotts. Just glad they lost out to Alcazar in the duel. Horrible song.

- The joy in Emilia's eyes when she got the golden ticket! That was nice to see. Though I wish she'd sing with more support from her stomach to get a fuller voice.

- Never thought Alcazar would beat Scotts but they so deserved a one way ticket to Globen and I'm glad people realised that for once.

- Yay! I voted for Caroline and in all my excitement I dialed the expensive number by mistake. At least I did a good dead by doing so, giving money to charity. "Snälla snälla" is still my favourite and it looks like I wasn't the only one. Didn't see that coming. I take a bow to the Swedes.

- It's not Marie's fault she flopped. It's the song. As I said yesterday, there's not enough heart in it and people saw through that.

- It was said that in the first duel the entry with most votes would compete against the entry in 4th position. It was Scotts against Alcazar. Alcazar won the duel but I would not be surprised if it was Scotts in the lead up until that moment. Why? Because dansband-fans are used to vote several times but over a longer period of time. Then in the duel they did not understand what short time space they had to vote whereas the Alcazar-fans did and called in a frenzy. Or where they in the lead the entire time? We'll find out for sure after the final in Globen when SVT reveals the exact votes from each semi.


Listen! MF semi 1

Sweden will stand still tomorrow evening. All that counts is Melodifestivalen. Specially the first semi when nobody has grown tired of the event yet. Whether you like MF or not, as a Swede, you need to watch it to have a view Monday morning when you're back at work or school. Melodifestivalen really is that big of a deal in this country.

One minute clips of the first 8 songs are up on SVT until Saturday evening. (Click on the blog title to get there.) I'll sum up my comments after only having heard them twice and predict the outcome.

Nina Söderquist - "Tick Tock"
I liked Nina's voice when she was in West End Star, it's big and rich, and it's fun to have her in MF. The song on the other hand does not grab me based on this clip. Too many words in a quick tempo and also very average. Nothing stands out. Good enough but I had hoped for more. Maybe better when we see the whole package?! (That goes for all the entries...)

Jonathan Fagerlund - "Welcome to my life"
This type of music leaves me totally cold. A shake'n'bake mix of Jimmy Jansson and other tween boppers whose highest goal is to be in a cheesy boyband someday. "Fjortisar" and I have never agreed on music. The boy isn't even that cute. Nah, I seriously don't get it and doubt Jonathan will kick-start his career tomorrow night.

Shirley Clamp - "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus"
The risk of trying again after three very good songs is that the pressure is ON. Shirley doesn't live up to her reputation this time and though I'm sure the Swedes will take her far the song has no chance of winning MF. It's more "För att du finns" than "Att älska dig" and I was never that into Sonja Aldén either. An OK ballad that will be lifted by Ms Clamp but nothing to put in the Christmas tree as we say...

Scotts - "Jag tror på oss"
Swedes love their "dansband". I don't. A dansband singing a badly rhymed shit song like this turns my stomach. I should not let it upset me but I can't help feel angry and annoyed. Because Scotts' popularity they'll go straight to Globen and I will cringe and swear and sulk.

Emilia - "You're my world"
Oh, I never say no to a bit of motown! The film Dreamgirls ought to have been the inspiration to the writers along with The Supremes. A happy, bubbly piece of cake with sweet and sugary Emilia (aka "Big, big world"-Emilia) as the cherry on top. I doubt she'll advance in MF but I say thank you for being there lifting up my spirit after dreary Scotts.

Alcazar - "Stay the night"
The clip is very repetitive but at the same time hopeful of a modern dance-friendly song that could go far. Sounds much edgier than Alcazar has done in MF before and I like that. Bet they'll have to take the usual tour by Andra Chansen though...

Caroline af Ugglas - "Snälla snälla"
The clip is from the verse so it's difficult to say too much about the song without having heard the chorus at all. But I'll say this much... I got goose bumps. I really like Caroline's special voice (either you love it or hate it) and her storytelling. Soft music that speaks to me but perhaps not the usual MF-viewer. My favourite after the first run through of the songs.

Marie Sernholt - "Disconnect Me"
Competent, good and probably a sassy big stage show but still I don't get overly excited. It feels like everything about the entry is too constructed and not enough heart has gone into it. Shame. It's like the total opposit from the last song but it will look good on tv and gather enough points for 4th or 5th place.

In the perfect world of Posh: Caroline and Alcazar to Globen. Emilia and Shirley to Andra Chansen.

Posh says the people will vote:
Shirley Clamp
Andra Chansen
Marie Sernholt

It could also be that Nina takes Marie's place and she'll end up 5th. What usually happens during the first week of schlager is that people vote for the traditional MF-sound because that is what they have been longing for. Then in the weeks to come more fresh and edgy songs take the upper hand. But tomorrow the conservative bunch will vote and that will benefit Scotts and Shirley Clamp. Unfortunately.


Vive la qualité!

The yearly rumor about what French superstar we will see represent France in Eurovision started about a month ago. Last year the buzz was Tina Arena. This year the buzz was Patricia Kaas. These rumors are never true so to avoid disappointment it's easier to not get swept away in the talks at all. But lo and behold 2009 seems to be the year when it all happens. Apparently, somehow, someone convinced Kaas that Eurovision is the road to take in order to promote herself to a whole continent at once during 3 minutes. Can her recent tour to Russia have anything to do with this decision? Hopefully, I'll get more clarity in this matter on Monday when there's supposed to be a press conference to officially declare the entry Ms Kaas will treat us all in May.

According to my ESC-sources Patricia Kaas gave herself away during an interview where she said that the song is in fact "Et s'il fallait le faire" from her latest album Kabaret.

Patricia Kaas - "Et s'il fallait le faire" (France 2009?)

It's a classic French chanson, which I'm always very fond of. And Kaas is one classy singer. I adore her deep voice and has done so for several years. One of the few songs I never change in my iPod is "Rien ne s'arrête". Soooo beautiful! Sadly I couldn't find it on youtube. Others may be more familiar with her take on the exquisite "Ne me quitte pas" (If you go away). I am well pleased Kaas will enter the Eurostage. Those in the know are claiming that the woman is even better live than on record.


"L'Aigle noir"



From Slovenia with Love

Slovene Winner. Quartissimo - "Love Symphony"

I quite like this! Sure it would probably be better suited as an opening act but it is also catchy in all its classical-i-ness. I also like the female voice breaking through every now and then even if she admittedly is a tad too shouty. But let's say it like this... Imagine the woman being Shirley Bassey. Then this would have been a killer Bond theme!

Een beetje Nederland

Dutch Winner. De Toppers - "Shine"

Old-skool eurosong that we've heard a dozen times before. It's not totally bad, it's just very camp and I think it will struggle in the semi. Guess it depends on how they will perform it in May. From this clip way too much is going on at the same time which kind of stresses me out. And gimmicks are so 2007. Drop it. With a less chaotic presentation I could give the Dutch another chance.


Did your country really need Diane Warren after all?

What a thriller Your country needs you turned out to be. My friends and I who saw the show together were all rooting for Jade but had a feeling that the Brits would go for the Twins. It's been Jade all the way for me as you might remember from earlier posts. What I have been worried about is that her voice in ballads is not as strong as when she does uptempo numbers with lots of dancing. Still she was clearly the best in the winning song.

The song in itself has devided people. Some love it, some say it's utter rubbish. Most of the batting is for the cheezy lyrics. When I heard the first version sung by Mark I wasn't convinced either. The lyrics really are cheezy and I'm in fact very disappointed in Diane Warren. I also thought that the song was too simple and too musical theatre and not at all what I had hoped for. But then came the last minute when the song explodes with a key change and everything and it made up for most of it. Then the Twins sung it and by then you had already got used to the song and so when Jade finally did her take on "My Time" the factor of recognition was already there and you could focus on her interpretation instead. Which took the song away from musical theatre and landed in Whitney Houston power ballad area. Still annoyed with the lyrics though. Is it possible to re-write them until May? Can they do that?

Winner UK. Jade - "My Time"

Good luck my British friends. I'm not convinced it's a winner yet but on the other hand the UK should be satisfied with anything above mid-table after the last couple of efforts. And Jade is by far the strongest bet you had to chose from. If they promote the song a lot around Europe it will help them since the song actually do grow for each time you hear it. Somehow it reminds me quite a lot of another ALW number - "Our Kind Of Love" from the musical The Beautiful Game. It builds up in the same way but the lyrics by Ben Elton is a bit less cheezy than Warrens.

Finland get it right! And no rock in sight!

Winner! Waldo's People - "Lose Control"

I told you Waldo's People would have to win. This means Finland will be in the final yet again. Now that's a promise! And how fun was it to see Annie Kratz Gutå once again! As soon as the Swedish tabloids find out a Swede is involved in the entry Finland will get a buzz and probably 12 points in the semi final. You're welcome! :)

It was really tight between the winner and Signmark in the superfinal though. 45% of the votes compared to 41% or similar. Poor Passionworks were never even close. I would have been happy with Signmark too so congratulations to the Finns. You made me very proud last night. Let's continue on this road next year. Let the rock music sleep for a while and step out of your comfort zone for good.

I Believe Again in Dansk MGP

Who was in the Danish jury this year to select what 10 songs were going to battle it out last night? I'd like to congratulate them on their great taste. Never have I seen such a good Danish final. There were only 2 songs I didn't like. As always some songs were lowered by the live performance (hey Trine I'm talking to you...) but over all a high standard of songs.

DR had the same system as SVT will use for Melodifestivalen. Very exciting on the verge of giving people nervous breakdowns. First showing all 10 songs. Then 50/50 votes from a jury and the viewers to select 4 songs that battle each other two and two - head to head. That leaves 2 songs in a superfinal with one winner.

I was thrilled to have my two favourites among the four but lost the smile when they had to go up against each other. (When this will happen in MF, which is bound to happen, I'll be a total wreck!) Sukkershok and Hera Björk both deserved to be in the superfinal. But since I know the composers for "Someday" I was ecstatic for them to win the duel. Unfortunately they then lost against Ronan Keating in the end. Still so, so proud of them for a 2nd place in Denmark!!!

Yes, Ronan Keating won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. He is one of the composers for "Believe Again" and anyone can hear that. Brinck even has serious Keating-complex which makes him sound like a decent karaoke copy. That's my view at least. The song is 3 plus but don't ask me to sing it for you as I instantly forget it after the last note. Will probably work ok in Moscow but it's not really my cuppa.

Winner. Brinck - "Believe Again"

2nd. Hera Björk - "Someday"

Balkan Girls from Romania

4 countries selected songs last night. What the people of Romania had been drinking before dialing for this piece of nonsense I don't know. I haven't even listened to the competition Elena had so maybe I should just be quiet and let the music speak...

Romania. Elena Gheorghe - "The Balkan Girls"

I don't get it. Do you?