Andorra bang into the final

Today, RTVA previewed the official clip for their eurosong "Casanova" by Gisela. And yes, ladies and gents, this is a real Eurosong with a capital E. Traditional bordering on aggressively traditional, but this is like a prototype for old-fashioned success.

I wasn't convinced when I heard the first short clip in December or so, but when all other countries are headed for musical adventures on new grounds, it is suddenly refreshing to have something familiar dished at you. And nothing bad with familiar as long as it's good.

"Casanova" is good, and very competently performed by Gisela. There are only two tiny problems at this tage:

a - the expensive clip sometimes forgets about being a clip, and transforms itself into an almost immoblie flyer from Andorra's board of tourism.

b - there is no key change. Hello? No key change? There is still time, though. A tiny bit of modulation wouldn't hurt.

But I think Andorra found their pot of gold. If they are not in the final this year, I will be even more surprised than I was last year.

Gisela - Casanova - Andorra 2008


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

It's good, but it's very formulaic, and that might turn some people off.

She could be this year's Linda Wagenmakers.

Tobias said...

She could, of course. But this year there are very few formulaic things in the running, so if it gets a good draw, I think anyone who likes their schlager scandinavian will have a song to cheer for here.