Victory for Romania

Among seven other countries, Romania will make its final decision tonight. I keep my fingers crossed that everything will end well. For several various reasons. Above all, I hope tonight's winner will be Romanian.

No less than three acts are Swedish, and two of them have no link what-so-ever to Romania. What could be more pointless than a country being represented by a song AND a singer that has no connection to the country in question?

I know Luxembourg and Monaco did this, Andorra has done it etcetera etcetera, but these are small nations. Romania has a very developped music industry. Why are the Swedish songs even in the running?

It was one thing if these Swedes had huge careers over there and were loved by the Romanians, but I doubt that is the case. Fingers crossed for a good (and suitable) winner. Watch all the songs over at TVR's own site.

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