What will Mika say?

This is not my prediction, it will come later. I don't have time to listen repeatedly to the MF snippets just yet, just lent a quick ear to them.

And dear Linda Bengtzing, did nobody tell you you are not allowed to take what is not yours? I push play and all I hear is Mika's "Grace Kelly". It is so obvious that I find myself blushing.

And once I get started in that mood, I hear some echoes from Die Prinzen and "Alles nur geklaut" in Fronda's song, but that is probably just a co-incidence and nowhere near as alarming as Linda.

No stealing, Linda, how hard can it be? (Hur svårt kan det va'?)


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

And I can hear echoes of Cher's Shoop Shoop Song in Niklas Strömstedt effort. Someone call thye plagiarism police!

Tristan said...

Surely, the dude is absolutely fair.
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