No Pride

It is the next day, and the re-run of Eurolaul is running as I am writing this. To call this year's Estonian final a disappointment would be the understatement of the year, but I am not going to waffle about the obvious lack of any kind of quality in the winning song. Anyone with wit and a touch of taste will see that this piece of "comedy" will go nowhere in a place where nobody heard of Kreisiraadio in the past.

Just a shame it will forever taint the names of some people who had something of a reputation in Eurovision: Priit Pajusaar wrote three good Estonian entries in the past and Tarmo Leinatamm was a very appreciated conductor back in the mid 90's.

But the real shame and scandal of the whole event is that the producers behind the final decided that one of the contestants, Rolf Junior, could not wave his rainbow flag the way he did in the previews. "Eurovision is not the place for political statements" was the given reason. Political statements? I smell phobias here. What is the danger in a tiny flag? What do all the gay fans of Eurovision have to say on the matter?

As for the show, it looked the same as for the last three years: the same team came up with the same things again. My best advice for 2009 would be to replace the entire team, to pump in some new blood while there is still something to save. Or select an entry internally next year.

I want to love Estonian entries, but I doubt even a mother could love something like this year's offering. What a shame.

Kreisiraadio - Leto svet - Estonia 2008

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