Melodifestival, anyone?

My friends may call me a party pooper (and they do) but Mr Becks (aka Mr Doom & Gloom) understands very little of what went on last night in the third Swedish semi.

First of all, I got the feeling the entire Melodifestival had a headache compared to previous weeks: the jokes were not as funny, the technical department messed up, and Nour seemed shaken in her foundation. I think it is a good thing that everyone wants to be nice to her, but not during her short features. It is just weird. Like, everyone hugs Nour on the way out, so she keeps from crying. Nour deserves better. It seems the viewers agreed with me on some level, as the number of calls was dramatically lower than last week.

And I can safely say the results surprised me. First of all, I find it very comforting to see that it takes more than a song in Bosnian to convince the ex-Yugo televoters in Sweden. "Izdajice" was even less dynamic in its full-length version than I would ever have imagined. Secondly, I didn't think Eskobar would end last, but can't say I am really surprised either. Their heyday came and left again.

But then some other things really DID surprise me:

AINBUSK - despite the fact that the cosy girls matured into somewhat less synchronised women, I thought they nailed their ballad yesterday. I also thought they had more fans. My jaw dropped when they were left in 6th place.

PATRIK ISAKSSON - did have something frantic about him, and he has never looked less charming on-screen. He is a regular guy next door, and the make-over and attempted choreography just felt really really wrong and displaced. But there was still a highly effective song that he already sold to the Swedes several times in the past. Maybe he did it once too many already?

THÉRÈSE ANDERSSON - surprised me even more than Ainbusk. Traditionally, Swedes are anything but weak for this genre. It is not like Natalia Barbu from Moldova had loads of fans in Sweden, so why this change of mind? Not that I am against it, but still.

FRIDA - the hiphopper from Scania must have hit Sweden harder on the head than I ever imagined. I never thought she would make it into the final five, and not in my wildest dreams did I see her go on to the Globe. Everyone is so happy, and I understand nada. All I hear is a female equivalent of Pandang, if anyone remembers. But if everyone else is happy, I won't complain. I'll take a painkiller for the headache and smile for as long as the song lasts.

Caracola were expected for Andra Chansen, and if BWO had not made it straight to the final, I would have given up on the Swedes altogether. As for now, BWO is my top tip to win the Swedish final, but I have a feeling Charlotte might have a word or two to say before the fat lady sings.


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Poor old Nour - all those comments must have got to her.

I hope they give her something more productive to do in the final.

schlagerkung said...

Ireland turkey is so bad. I do not like.