Dima rides again?

Rumor has it that Dima Bilan is eager to enter the 2008 Russian NF and try to fight for another trip as Russian representative at Eurovision. It seems it all comes down to whether his management would let him or not.

I can understand his management if they have doubts - after a smashing second place in Athens 2006, it is easy to believe that the only way is down. Unless young master Bilan laid his hands on a real masterpiece of a song, that is.

Not that it always helps. In 2005, Bilan had a great entry for the Russian final, but had to content himself with a second place. But hey - no pain, no gain. And if you don't dare trying again, you can never win.

And I certainly wouldn't mind a repeat play of him on the ESC stage...

Dima Bilan - Not That Simple - Russia 2005 NF

Dima Bilan - Never Let You Go - Russia 2006

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Schlagerboys said...

Give someone else a go! Like Anastasia Stotskaya!