Be Strong Neighbour

The fingers did the trick! Now we finally have an entry in Eurovision 2008 to be proud of and that we can stand behind completely. Posh will back Norway all the way this year! Miles apart from last year's rubbish. Congratulations our good neighbour!

Third time lucky on this blog for Maria:

Norway 2008

1. Hold On Be Strong
2. Eastern Wind
3. Far Away
4. Am I Supposed To Love Again

Somewhat of a surprise that neither Crash nor Ann-Marie Andersen reached Gullfinalen though. But quality won in the end!

Good luck in Belgrad, Maria!


Roger said...

So relieved that the trolls didn't make it, I really thought they would from that final 4. Nice that the Norwegians occasionally get it right. And by such a huge margin. Didn't see that coming at all!

Tobias said...

And Mr Becks goes hooray for Norway! This song is my #1 so far this year (and the way things are shaping, it could very well remain in that spot for a long, long time). Well done!

Rodger said...

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