Ireland + Turkey = yäk!

Thanks to the excellent link provided by Miss Posh (it is still there - scroll down a bit and click it) I had a listen to the six songs in competition in Ireland. The proud Republic of Ireland that won Eurovision more times than anyone else until the new times came and hit them on the head, tipped them over, stole their handbag and disappeared.

For many years, I had a blind fear when it came to Irish entries. I always thought they would win. Even when reason told me they would not stand a chance, I thought they would win. I thought the Irish would score heavily in 1999. And in 2001. Not until very recently did that fear wear off. Cause the Irish used to win with any old piece of folklore they would hiccup in front of us.

Don't be angry with me, dear Irish readers. Fear is a weird form of compliment. And many an Irish entry has been brilliant through the years. This time, however, the brilliance is long gone.

On one first, critical listening with quite bad sound quality, there is no potential winners there. Most of the songs are OK, but not winners. And then there is that annoying turkey.

Seriously, I can get jokes. I can even push myself to get jokes that are outside my circle - too see what get others laughing even if I don't find it funny myself. As for Dustin the Turkey? Nothing.

If that silly plastic poultry wins it (which he most probably does) then it will be a sad moment for Ireland. Whatever happened to dignity? And if you find this hilarious once you passed the age of 15 or so, then you are far too easily entertained. This, you see, is rubbish. There is no tune, it is not very funny, it is not provocative, it isn't even a new idea. Besides, Estonia already decided to flop with the same kind of fiasco, so you wouldn't even look original on the night.

Where is Niam Kavanagh when we need her?


Anonymous said...

Usch...that turkey left me speechless. I suppose all of you in Sverige would call it uh...skitsnack?

neehallow said...

Here's my rejected Irish entry.(Didn't get to the tv stage). Just thought I'd share it with anyone who'd like to take a listen.

After being initially dissappointed, now I'm glad I didn't have to share the stage with a turkey!


John K