Nina's Song of the Day 2

To celebrate that the whole of Sweden now transforms into a state of entertainment where everything people talk about and the press discuss is spelled Melodifestivalen I give you a forgotten masterpiece from 2003.

Nina's Song of the Day is "He is always on my mind".

Much too sophisticated for the general MF-viewer this song failed to even reach Andra Chansen a year when both Brandsta City Släckers and Style made it there. The shame a true lover of music like myself felt! Estonian megastar Maarja (ESC 96 & 97) was whisked off from the lead in Sound of Music in Tallinn hours before the MF heat took place. No time for rehearsals and still she nails the performance. The voice is down to perfection and the song in itself is a stunning ballad. What's not to love?

This is Melodifestivalen in its ace. Love it or die!

Maarja - "He is always on my mind" (MF 2003)

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MelloMats said...

Sweden has never won ESC with a ballad. We are better doing ABBA-ripoffs. Personally I think ballads should be banished from MF... ;)

Good performance by Maarja though, and I am not that proud of Brandsta City Släckers... A dark chapter in the Swedish musical history.