Party 4 Love

One of the many shows YLE made in connection to last year's ESC final in Helsinki was "Täydellinen Euroviisu" - The perfect Eurosong - in which a group of Finnish songwriters got the task to make an outstanding Eurovision winner following criteria laid down by other countries' heads of delegation.

The song should be happy, in English, slightly gay, include a key change, preferrably talk about elements people could relate to (like love, nature, party etc) and be performed by a star.

Jari Sillanpää was hired to perform the finalised masterpiece, and well, see the result for yourselves. Complete with a preview clip and all.

Hilarious, if you ask me. I just keep my fingers crossed that the Finnish final of 2008 will be anywhere near as fun as this...

Jari Sillanpää - Party 4 Love - Finland


Zach said...

Lord have mercy! In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen.

First and foremost: Jari, dear, didn't you torture us enough in 2004? With that said, you are easy on the eyes.

Now on to Tobias: SLIGHTLY gay, eh? :D All this was missing was an explosion of rainbow colored fireworks. On some small level, I like it. Sorry, it's the homosexuality talking here...*snapping back to reality*

Ok now. All better. On to the question: Did this actually make it in your final at all?

Tobias said...

It was never intended to be in the final. The entire show was commissioned more or less to show how ridiculous it is to try and make a "perfect" eurosong... :)
But it is kind of cute, isn't it? :D

Yoyo said...

SLIGTHLY gay alove me to smile a bit :-)

HILARIUS oooohhhhh YES!!!!!

WORSE then other eurovision songs that acctually been in the eurovision final NO :-)

Och ja tänk om detta års euroviisut blir såååå här rolig!!!

Zach said...

Yeah it is kind of cute, but I will only admit it again if there is a gun to my head or I if I am under oath. ;)