Oh no, Norway

Like I thought, Norway voted Ole Ivars into the MGP final, but I was most surprised to see them joined by the Tinkerbells.

Tinkerbells? Why on earth?

Sweet girls, yes, but a song that the Netherlands started bombing with already back in the 80's. This does not bode well for Saturday.


Zach said...

Oh Tobson, damn your Eurovision intuition! :D I was hoping you would be inncorect in your prediction, but alas, you were correct. I so wanted Lene Alexandra voted into the final! She reminded me of the dumb-as-bricks,loveable blonde bombshell pop singers that my country is known for. I am officially backing the "Sami song" as I like to call it. I only call it that because I can never remember how to spell it properly ha ha.

Roger said...

Norwegians just can't be trusted. Eastern Wind will win I expect. *sigh* (Nina probably likes that one though hehe)

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Lene was good, but I still don't know why she was doing that Corinna May / Stevie Wonder style swaying... is she blind too?

Hail to the Tinks is all I can say - they must have knuckles of steel to 'hold on' that tight!

Colin said...

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