What is wrong???

There has been some decision-making going on in Europe tonight. And what is Europe up to? What went wrong on this grand continent?

I will write a more clear analysis on the Estonian final once I have seen the recording, but let's just state the obvious: the Estonians have selected a nauseating piece of nonsense that won't do anyone happy anywhere.

I just came back from the ETV studios only to find that Denmark has chosen yet another magnifically dull ditty and that Lithuania opted for an operatic ballad.

My jaw is hanging down somewhere between my knees, but thankfully I am too tired to really bother with it. I just close my eyes, count to ten and hope the slovenians will stay in their right minds tomorrow.


Zach said...

Nauseating? That is an understatement! As we would say here, deep in the heart of America: the Estonians done gone and lost their damn minds. Hopefully there was plenty of alcohol on hand after Eurolaul for your sake...Lord knows I needed a stiff drink after watching it. I knew Denmark would be a disappointment, so I am not surprised they picked the most boring song in the universe. The contestants in Azerbaijan were nothing special, in my opinion; but Sertab and Ruslana were ON FIRE. I gained a lot of respect for Ruslana today. You know quite well how I have felt about her since she beat my Zeljko way back when. But she really blew the crowd's mind today with her set. I was impressed. And the Azeri national final itself was really well produced. I wonder if their 2009 national final will be on the same grand scale as this year’s final or if today’s final was just an over-the-top, one time inaugural thing. Just my thoughts on today… didn’t mean to write a whole paragraph! Sorry!

Schlagerboys said...

At least Estonia will be fun... Denmark and Lithuania are just boring (although Mr Matthews is nice to look at...)

And what on earth is that Azerbaijan "song"???

Est said...

I am Estonian and even I DO NOT LIKE THIS DAMN SONG (sorry but perkele). But what can I do. Hope we will do something better next year.

Tobias said...

Est: I so agree with you. It is sad to see a country like Estonia with great singers and songwriters lend itself to a pityful unfunny joke like this.
Scrap Eurolaul and send Ines without competition next year...

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