Panic attack à la Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan had their first ever national final this weekend, and everybody keeps praising the production, the show, well, just about everything. Everything but the winning package, that is.

Mainly this could be because Azeri TV won't formally decide until February 15th whether this is the song to send to Belgrade or not. If I could put in my humble opinion, I would advise the masterminds in Baku to think again.

Maybe it would be possible to polish this up in the studio. Maybe a tiny re-write could clarify the far from disastrous melody line that is far too subtle to be picked up as it is? Maybe the singers could fine-tune their balance a bit to make it come off more harmonic?

Nah, that's not it. What really bothers me is the grotesque amount of screaming that goes on. For the love of God, what is it all about? A panic attack set to music? The first single from "Armageddon - the musical"? I don't understand a thing.

I really looked forward to Azerbaijan in this contest, as I hoped for something modern, exciting and slightly exotic. Unless there is a complete change of direction, all my hopes have been in vain.

Elnur Huseynov feat Samir Javadzade - Day After Day - Azerbaijan 2008 (?)


Anonymous said...

It's Azerbaidjan if you want to have a proper French title. :-)

Tobias said...

Thanks... :D But then it would have to be "panique" as well... :D