Why apologise?

As I read Swedish newspapers the day after, one thing surprises me more and more. Among the almost surreal amount of columnists and bloggers and people trying to predict things, there is a strong tendency to:
a - get their predictions wrong
b - apologising afterwards for getting it wrong.
I just can't see why?

These people are supposed to review the songs, report on their qualities (and lack thereof) to their readers. If they think one song is disastrous, so write it. And if that song is voted into first place, stick to your opinion.

There is no law that says that you have to agree with public opinion. So stop the constant mind-changing, please. It doesn't look very flattering.

Thank heavens for bloggers like Torbjörn (whose favourites always end up in 5th place) and Eurofivestar (whose favourites normally end up last), who can take defeat and realise this is just a silly little TV-show.

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