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Saving the best for last? Well, there isn't going to be one single worst-of-the-worst tomorrow night. It will be a tough choice for the viewers and I stand pretty clueless as to who will join Perrelli in Globen. Not to mention Andra Chansen. It will all come down to how the singers perform there and then. Exciting!

Niklas Strömstedt - "För många ord om kärlek"
Positive surprise for me. Usually I find Strömstedt a bore but this is laid back, grown-up pop with a hint of the sound of the 60s. The question is if his fans are still out there and ready to jump the phone?

Calaisa - "If I could"
Nice country-pop but we are all familiar with the word "nice" and how wrong it is in these competitions. Quite forgettable too from this clip. Needs more Faith Hill or Dixie Chicks oomph to reach me.

Daniel Mitsogiannis - "Pame"
A smoking hit on record and I understand all too well the comparison to Cara Mia. But. The big problem is said to be Daniel on stage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a regular 5th place for the dance track of the evening, but the reality will probably be a lower score. Shame really.

Linda Bengtzing - "Hur svårt kan det va"
Traditional fun schlager with a smiling Bengtzing as usual. This time with both something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed from "Grace Kelly". Just like Becks it drives me crazy when I can hum along to another melody when hearing a song for the first time. It drags down my enthusiasm a great deal and it's "A little bit of love" part 2 all over again. Why this ungraceful loan? Didn't the writers have faith in the song to start with? But most importantly - will the voters care? Final or Andra Chansen.

Nordman - "I lågornas sken"
Is it only me or does it sound like Hemlin is sitting on the toilet while singing? Strange chorus - not very Nordman at all. More Sarek. However, I'm not a big fan of Nordman so not complaining. At the same time not a Sarek fan either. Suspect the extreme stage show of burning witches will land the group another chance though.

Sibel - "That is where I'll go"
I liked Sibel already back in her Idols-days and am glad to finally see her on stage again. Here singing a beautiful ballad that I'm hoping won't turn screamy live. If she will be able to control the nerves I have a feeling it could go a long way. Hopefully pulling down Bengtzing from a free ride to Globen. We need two ballads in the final so BWO can have a chance against Sanna too...

Fronda - "Ingen mår så bra som jag"
I can hear a clear parallel to "Adrenaline" by Mendez in this clip. It doesn't work as well in Swedish and in 2008 as six years ago. Melodifestivalen has evolved since then. And what's the deal with the lyrics? Are they supposed to be funny? I don't get it. Not convinced last place is dedicated to Fronda still even if it is the weakest attempt for me of the week.

Charlotte Perrelli - "Hero"
Va-va-voom! The modern monster hit Perrelli has been waiting for since 1999. Based on the clip it is hard to say if it will be a winner in the end but one thing is for sure and that is that the woman can belt out a song and deliver live in front of millions of people. The dream scenario for (I think) both Perrelli and me is a 2nd place in Globen and a HUGE hit to follow that. Please, dear people of Sweden don't let this star fail to reach the final tomorrow. Enough with "skrällar" already!

In the perfect world of Posh: Perrelli & Sibel to Globen. Bengtzing & Mitsogiannis to Andra Chansen. Strömstedt 5th.

Posh says the people will vote:
Charlotte Perrelli
Linda Bengtzing
Andra Chansen
5. Niklas Strömstedt
6. Daniel Mitsogiannis
7. Calaisa
8. Fronda

With the reservation of a completely different list once I've heard the songs in full and seen the performances. Place 5-8 could change tremendously, the top 4 in any constellation I'm fairly sure of.

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...and again we agree. More or less. Are we too good or are we too good? :)