Listen! MF semi 2

Listen HERE! I've only heard the clips once so forgive me if I change my mind five hundered times until tomorrow but first impression was this:

"Love in stereo" - Ola
80s pop. Promising but is it hook-y enough?

"Du behöver aldrig mer vara rädd" - Lasse Lindh
Jakob Hellman crossed with Winnerbäck. Ok but a little bit boring maybe. Could be a grower. Certain group of Swedes will adore it.

"Razborka" - The Nicole
Balkan and Russian sound mixed with Britney Spears. Quite good actually but will be too much on stage for Swedes. (Snowstorm! Diva chair! Nervous singer!) "Give me vodka"... 12 points from Malta?!

"Den första svalan" - Andreas Schöld
Would work better sung in English. Wimpy voice. Nah, not really my style.

"Just a minute" - Rongedal
Hell yeah! Scissor Sisters + Mika! But will it work on stage for the bald twins? They don't really have the look this genre demands.

"Empty room" - Sanna Nielsen
Goosebumps! That voice! Too short clip to make a judgement but I'm positive that I will like this big ballad.

"Kebabpizza Slivovitza" - Andra Generationen
This year's Östen med Resten? Can't focus on the song I just get hungry - I LOVE kebabpizza! [Homervoice]Ah...pizza! [/Homervoice]

"One Love" - Andreas Johnson & Carola
Had image of hating this but I don't. Much more Johnson than Carola in the song (which is a good thing). Could even live with sending it abroad but would be a boring, safe choice. Let's wait for BWO and Perelli before going down that road.

Posh would send Rongedal + Nielsen to the final. "Androla" + Ola to Andra Chansen. 5th place to The Nicole.

Sweden will vote Androla + Nielsen to the final. Ola + Rongedal to Andra Chansen.
5th Lasse Lindh
6th Andra Generationen (the drunken vote)
7th Andreas Schöld
8th The Nicole

Again a good selection of songs this week. I don't HATE any of them. I applaud the SVT jury and hope that it only will get better and better in the following weeks. When is the Melodifestivalen CD released? Monday after the last semi or after the final?

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