Boaz Mauda for Israel

After two far from successful attempts (pointless soul followed by nuclear irony), Israel wants to return to form and make a splash à la Shiri Maimon in Belgrade. IBA internally selected Boaz Mauda, of Pop Idol fame, to perform five songs of which the audience selected one lucky winner.

The winner "Ke'ilo kan" is penned by nobody lesser than 1998 Eurovision winner Dana International, who is arguably a better songwriter than singer. The israeli entry is a pleasant little song, unfortunately lacking in the hook-department. On a first listening, there is nothing to grab at and hold on to. I wonder if Israel won't have a sweaty evening on the night of their semi.

But young Boaz is something of a male Shiri Maimon. The boy has the looks as well as a very pleasant voice, and if he manages to flick on his switch on the big night, he could be the certain something that Israel would need to lift them into the final.

Boaz Mauda - Ke'ilo kan - Israel 2008