Finland, semi one

I know I haven't written anything about the Finnish final yet this year. This is, of course, partially because I know many people involved in the production and I want to weigh my words on the matter a bit.

Let's start by the good parts: the stage looked nice enough, TV2 has understood that postcards is a good way to keep the show going and Jaana Pelkonen is better than ever. She ignores the silly teleprompter that used to make her and Heikki stiff and oozes with self-confidence.

Then the things that are not so great. Every show is 50 minutes long, but contains only four songs and a very short time for voting. It feels like they are trying to squeeze out content enough for 25 minutes into double that time. There is still too much talk, the postcards are too long and the revelation of the voting is too undynamic. There is still no excitement in the show, unfortunately.

Well, anyway, this is what the four songs looked like and sounded like. What do you think, did the two best ones pass on to the final?

Kari Tapio - Valaise yö - Finland 2008 NF QF
This could very well be the winner in the end. Kari is the biggest name in competition, and even though the song is as old as the sea and the mountains, it is well performed and well crafted. Fans of Euroviisut can recognise Johanna Pakonen on backing vocals also.

Movetron - Cupido - Finland 2008 NF QF
I thought it was too early for a 90's revival, but it seems the televoters have missed Movetron since they split. This song sound exactly like their old hits, maybe it was the pleasure of meeting an old friend again that excited people?

Hanna Marsh - Broken Flower - Finland 2008 NF - Second Chance
This country ditty is not bad, but partially destroyed by a nervous and slightly overdone performance. Could have a future as a radio song, though.

Crumbland - Pleasure - Finland 2008 NF - Second Chance
Rock is usually the hottest thing around in Finland, but the fact this song failed to go straight into the final is an interesting sign that things could be changing.

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