DeDe rocks

What a good pick, miss Posh. 2003 is bursting full of forgotten masterpieces as it is, officially, the best selection of songs ever since the semis were introduced in 2002.

One of my big favourites of this year is "Someone, somewhere, someday", and it still rocks even though the entire world seemed to be against it. The initial performer turned out to be too young and was disqualified just days before rehearsals began. DeDe Lopez came in with extremely short notice and you can tell. The girl does her best, but the dance routine is far from flattering and the whole thing comes over as a bit unprepared. Which, in all fairness, it also was.

To put extra icing on the cake, it sounded as if the sound technicians went on a coffee break right before DeDe's performance, and the sound balance is way out in the backyard somewhere (someone, someday).

But I still like it. And if you heard the recorded version, so would you.

DeDe - Someone, somewhere, someday - Sweden national semifinal 2003

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Roger said...

Oh, that's a great song!! And I think the peformance is quite good really :)