Brandur Enni from the Faroe Islands may only have ended up 7th in the MF semi yesterday, but that boy is worth his weight in gold. (Not that he probably weighs a lot, but that is beside the point.) If there is any justice in the world, he is a star in the making.

He would just need some stronger material to sing, and not just lullabies (sung by butterflies). A quick dip into his official webpage reveals a way more interesting musical style, something of a Faroe Mika, almost.

One thing is for sure - if the Faroe Islands ever would opt for independence and joining the ESC with their own entry, they should wrap up Brandur and send him off without discussion.

Brandur - Lullaby - Melodifestivalen 2008, first semi


ana said...

sooooo agree! incredible voice & talent. too much weight is put on his looks - when he offers much more.

Tobias said...

Not that I fail to see why such emphasis is put on his looks... :) But you are right - even more talent than looks. There should be a bright future ahead.