Oh. My. God.

Those were the first words coming out of my mouth when Kristian Luuk told the viewers that Androla would join Ola in Andra Chansen. It never crossed my mind that this scenario could come true. Not after that performance they did. I gave in and fully enjoyed "One Love".

Can you believe that Sweden voted exactly like I wanted in my earlier post?!? I agree completely with the result for once. Hallelujah, as a certain Carola would exclaim (if she wasn't busy being sad she now has left the throne of schlager).

Sanna Nielsen was absolutely outstanding tonight! Globen must watch out when she enters the stage as it is possible the whole arena will take off and fly to Belgrade instantly. Sanna will end up no less than 3rd place in the final. I'm sure. The schlager-goosebumps on my body never wanted to stop during her three minutes. Have in mind that this might be the only ballad in Globen as well. 5th time lucky for the skåning?

I loved Rongedal's Scissor Sisters song after the snippet online yesterday. When seeing the twins on stage I still loved the song but was unsure if their performance would appeal to a broader audience. Turns out I needn't have worried one bit.

For once the general MF-viewer voted for songs instead of singers. Tonight was the biggest surprise win in ages and THIS is exactly the reason why I love this contest so damn much. You can never be 100% sure of anything. (Except that Sanna will be in the final top 3 as I just pointed out...) Seconds before the final result was announced I said "Shame it won't be as exciting as last week. We already know what will happen." Then my jaw dropped and I loved the surprise voting! "Skräll" is the new "nakenchock"!

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