Proud Mary keep on burning...

For no apparent reason, I was just consumed by a will to honour one of my favourite ESC contestants of all time - the majestic Mary Roos, the pride of Germany.

Not only did she contribute several quality entries for the German finals throughout the years, but she also twice walked out into the international limelight to spread an air of dignity over this melodic extravaganza.

In Edinburgh 1972, Mary and her fantastic dress impressed on all levels, giving Germany a third consecutive 3rd placing, something the Germans had not been spoilt with in the past.

Twelve years later in Luxembourg, things were far less rosy for Mary, as she recieved devastating news of a personal nature on the very day of the final, something that made the lyric of her song almost painfully close to her own life. But what does a real schlager diva do? Roll over and die? Hide in her dressing room, refusing to come out? No way - she steps onto the stage, fixates the camera and sings out all her agony.

The juries understood zilch and gave her a very low placing, but bear in mind that these jurors are the same that gave victory to "Diggi-loo Diggi-ley" in a year that offered "I treni di Tozeur". Shame on the juries. May they never come back.

Posh & Becks love Mary! If Germany finds themselves all out of ideas, we would love if they sent Mary again. At least we would vote for her. Repeatedly.

Mary Roos - Nur die Liebe lässt uns leben - Germany 1972

Mary Roos - Aufrecht geh'n - Germany 1984

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Nina said...

Hurrah for Mary Roos!!!