Moldova selects tonight

For the forth time, Moldova will send a representative to Eurovision, and I am happy they keep trying. Out of their three previous entries, they have managed to provide two songs I am really weak for. (And the third is one of the worst entries ever. Let's not even talk about it, shall we?)

Out of the submitted entries, a jury picked out 12 songs, that will be performed in reverse order as how popular they were with the jury, and now the televoters will select the winner.

Or will they? Moldova is a country well-known for its corruption, but maybe that runs on higher levels than a silly song contest?

You can listen to all the entries at the webpage of Tele-Radio-Moldova, and keep in mind that these are rough demos, often made with old synthesizers and without larger budgets. Don't worry, I am sure the winning song will be shaped up before they ship it off.

1. LUISIA ZNAMENSKY - Don't decieve my heart 1/5
An interesting voice meets an interesting production in a song that leaves no room for them to dance properly. Good intentions, but not an entry that will convince many listeners.

2. ELENA DEMIRDJEAN - Living Creatures 1/5
A happy little Disney-like song about the joy in keeping pets. One friendly advice for the future: if you are unable to pronounce words like "creatures", you can put other words into your lyrics instead.

3. SCROOM - Jane 1/5
The electric guitar sounds like an angry wasp. That is not the way to win my heart. A fair attempt to write punk pop à la Andorra last year, but this ditty has nothing going for it really.

4. GALINA SCODA - Your Own Vision 1/5
In Moldovan English, "Your Own Vision" and "Eurovision" are pronounced the same. Starts out well, and gives you the idea of a tounge-in-cheek entry, but turns very serious in the choruses. Supposed to be fun, but ends up tedious. Galina sings well, though.

5. DANA MARCHITAN - Your Name 3/5
Take note now, children - what is about to follow is called a "hook". It is a clever device that clever songwriters use to make it easier to remember their songs. This may not be the strongest song under the sun, but feels very refreshing after the first four and feels original and catchy enough.

6. JAY MON - Point Of View 3/5
A bit of polishing and a good stage show could do wonders to this song, and then this singer, sounding a tiny bit like a young Moldovan Tom Jones, could be in with a chance. The beat and drive is far from unpleasant.

7. CATRINA PISLARU - Dance With Me 1/5
The arrangement ran away from some old Yugoslav national final in the 80's and we have not missed it since. The verse is somewhat promising, but the chorus is so repetitive and simple that it kills any potential even before the first minute is over.

8. CRISTINA RUJITCAJA - You Make Me Feel Crazy 2/5
Again, the whole thing starts promising and then it can't live up to the expectations. This could have been a late single from the Corrs, if you replaced the guitars with violins, but the final result is not convincing enough.

9. GETA BURLACU - A Century Of Love 2/5
Time for a jazzy break, a laid-back song in the same vein as last year's Lithuanian entry. Pleasant indeed, but in desperate need of a chorus or any kind of dynamics. It keeps going and going without getting anywhere. A shame, but not a bad attempt.

10. EDICT - I Belive 1/5
Radio rock without a single trace of finesse. Not badly sung, but again lacking a chorus anyone would care for.

11. ALEXA - We Are One 3/5
If your Melodifestivalen favourites have been songs like "Mi Amore" or "Etymon" or any Bobby Ljunggren-disco, then this is the one for you. Predictably, Alexa is the big favourite on the message boards of ESC Today, but I don't know. I miss a bit of beating heart and something slightly more genuine. Not bad, but not what I would hope for.

12. OLIA TIRA - Always Will Be 3/5
The favourite of the pre-jury will close the show and I have to agree with them. Despite an accent the Cheeky Girls would envy, this is the one that gets me hooked. At first I found that old-fashioned bass sound annoying, but when they let the chorus loose, I find myself rather liking it; bass and all. Given some re-working and an improved arrangement and this will go even higher in my estimation.

My prediction:
Olia Tira will win it, the eurofans will go boo, Moldova will make it to the final, the western newspapers will write a lot of rubbish about the East taking over... Yeah, that's the way it will happen. Or so I think.


Anonymous said...

"In Moldovan English, "Your Own Vision" and "Eurovision" are pronounced the same." - Your IMXO seems quite funny.. have u tried to be less ignorant before posting such shit :D ?

Tobias said...

Dear anonymous, how come you only dare comment without your name? Think about that before writing rubbish. Listen to her, it sounds the same. Do I seem hostile towards Moldova, eh, devoting space for it?
Moldova rocks, but you can go away.

Eric said...

This can't succeed in reality, that is what I think.
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