Polish schlager?

Mr Becks you are far too fast for me. I was just about to write about Slovenia when your post came up. Anyhow, let me just say that of all the entries that have been chosen so far the only ones I care even remotely about are Switzerland and Slovenia. The scandi-wannabee-country in the Balkans is SO schlager it's almost scary. But I like it.

Poland has gone all schlager on us too. It comes as no surprise that there are Swedes involved in one of their entries. Sandra Oxenryd tries her luck abroad once again with the überschlager "Superhero". I would have been absolutely crazy about the song 10 years ago. Now I do hum along to it but can't help feeling that it would have been better suited for Melodifestivalen. Poland isn't known to send songs in this genre. But I must say that Sandra's voice is very Carola before Carola lost it. The girl deserves a career.

It get's you going, huh?! Just admit it. But I can't see the Polish voting it through to Belgrade. They are usually too sophisticated for a simple schlager ditty. And my question remains... Why this Swedefication of European national finals?

Isn't it time for Edyta Gorniak to make a return to the contest that launched her career? Here she is with a cover of "I surrender" originally by Celine Dion.

Edyta Gorniak - "List"

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