I love grannies!

People who know Tobias and me often tend to use the phrase "You act and sound like an old married couple, grandparents-style". When you read our reviews and predictions for Melodifestivalen I tend to agree with those people. Not in any way us being old, but married for a long time. How else would you explain our similar taste and thoughts? Again I point out that we had no idea what the other person was going to write.

Now, this seems to be the right moment for me to come out of the closet as a granny-lover. I have a very soft spot for old women after five summers working in the home-help service through the years. They are just so damn cute and funny! Imagine how my heart jumped with joy when I came across this youtube video a few minutes ago! Ace!

I give you Swedish granny in love with "I love Europe"!

How adorable! And no wonder Christer Sjögren danced into the final as I expected him to do. (Unfortunately embedding this video on another site is disabled by request from the uploader.)


Tobias said...

I hope you realise this is YOUR future we are looking at here...? :)

Oswald said...

LOVE the clip.
And LOVE Tobias comment.


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

She'll be a internet star by next week!