Melodifestivalen snippets #1

Since SVT, SR and the record labels have decided to deprive us all of the by now traditional pre-listenings before Melodifestivalen, I can't really review the songs the way I would have liked to. One-minute-long excerpts is far from enough - you need to know how a song starts, develops and ends before you can judge it.

But I had a listen to the snippets of the first eight songs, and these are my comments so far:

These guys ought to deliver fireworks aplenty, but the song fails to sparkle. I had expected much more of a chorus, but this feels remarkably pale. I wonder if this will impress the audience.

FACE -84
Very lean and soft music from a girly dansband with slightly more attitude than Ole Ivars in Norway. The novelty here is the funny and cute lyric, but if this is the hit of the year I will fall on my back in surprise. Sounds more like a flashback to MF 1985 than a potential winner.

Let me state at once that I never warmed to Velvet as a solo performer, and I never liked any of her songs, and given the fact that I am not in any way trying to like this I like it remarkably much. This is smooth, professional and easy-going. But also very familiar. Maybe too familiar for the televoters. Few songs have had more suitable titles, this is truly a déjà-vu and nothing else. One year this entry was called "Etymon" and another year "Efcharisto".

So, maybe this song won't set the scoreboard on fire anywhere, but every fibre in my body likes Brandur and his voice. Give the boy a career! (And better lyrics... What on earth: is this a lullaby/sung by a butterfly? What the heck? Butterflies are not known to sing a lot, and when they do you hardly ever hear them. Just for your information.)

This song has also taken part before, in 2004 it was called "Love Turns Water Into Wine". I really hate the old P-word and won't use it, but didn't they really borrow a bit more than one is allowed to here?

I love the electronic sound of this as well as its bouncy beat. Given the truly positive reviews, revealing a Miss Diamond in top form, this shapes up to be THE favourite of this semi. But isn't the chorus slightly too weak in the long run?

Gripping, personal, touching, emotional. Put these qualities into a ballad and you have a good shot at going far in MF. I have always loved Suzzie and wish her well, but I am not sure this song was tailormade to win my love.

Kikki Danielsson's old "Cowboy Yodel Song" minus the yodeling, turned into a mindblowing euroflirt. Leaves me breathless and speechless, but I have to stand up for my native Sweden here. I don't think they will be silly enough to vote this into the final. Or maybe they are. Maybe it is not a coincidence that I moved away.

And, with the immense risk of making a complete fool of myself, I will try predicting even though I haven't heard the songs properly:

To the final:
Amy Diamond
Suzzie Tapper

Second Chance:
Christer Sjögren

5. Face -84
6. E-Type & The Poodles
7. Michael Michailoff
8. Brandur

This looks insane when I see it typed out... Maybe I will have to change my mind come tomorrow...


Zach said...

Ma Prédiction:

To the Globen:

Amy Diamond
Christer Sjögren

To Second Chance:

E-Type & The Poodles

Zach said...

3 of 4 right! I'm getting better at this. What's my prize? :D