MF 1 review

Since Melodifestivalen is the national final I will follow closest this year I am going to comment further on the show and songs every week after seeing the programme. Last night I saw it together with my parents and their spontanious comments will be featured as well.

1. "Line of Fire" - E-Type & The Poodles
Mum + Dad: Good stuff!
Nina: Alright but I miss a more memorable chorus. A little too screamy and anonymous.
It just wasn't as strong as the press made us believe and I understand why it didn't qualify to Globen. "One night of passion" was heaps better and that one in return was not as strong as Wig Wam's "In my dreams". Am I the only one who think E-Type looked like one of Santa's little helpers when he was strutting around on stage? Cute.

2. "Alla gamla ex" - Face 84
M+D: Could win Junior Eurovision in Sweden. Sounds like something from the 80s. A touch of Electric Banana Band.
N: Smells like old cellar. Don't like her girly voice and not my cup of tea music wise.
Nice to know that this is too old fashioned for Sweden and that MF has moved on. Wille Crafoord can do much better as a lyricist even if the idea was funny on paper. Meaningless entry!

3. "Deja vu" - Velvet
D: Reminds me of Jessica Andersson. Nice clothes.
M: Noo, I had those trousers way back in the 70s.
N: Not usually a fan of Velvet but I like this a lot. Thought I would grow tired after more than 1 minute but it's a keeper. However, very copied from "Etymon".
A 5th place was written in the stars. This type of dancy numbers by "unknown" singers always end up there. Shame as it had potential and my second favourite of the night.

4. "Lullaby" - Brandur
M+D: OK but too slow for MF.
N: Moving but too sophisticated here. Beautiful voice.
Personally I like this but it never had a chance in MF. Glad that the jury decided to keep it in the contest though to show the musical diversity in our country. Brandur deserves the exposure!

5. "That's Love" - Michael Michailoff
M: Well, I like Andreas Johnson so I like this. Best so far!
N: Love turns water into wine when you sing for me.
MF is an unfair contest. Had Johnson performed the song it would be a strong contender in Globen but now the fairytale ended instantly for Michael. Yes it sounds like a bunch of other songs but I kind of like the style in general.

6. "Thank You" - Amy Diamond
M+D: Very talented and professional girl but no new Carola as been said. A bit repetitive.
N: Good and fun but not as "wow" as I wanted it to be. Amy is so professional for her age and has a strong voice. Absolutely a ticket to Globen.
It just couldn't go wrong. Bouncy number. Well sung. Energy. Intensive chorus. But once in Globen it will be mid-table for Amy. Smart career move anyway to enter and be given a new fanbase.

7. "Visst finns mirakel" - Suzzie Tapper
M+D: She is too old for the contest but nice voice. Perhaps not the right place for this kind of song.
N: Love, love, love the deep voice. Very Eva Dahlgren. The song goes straight to my heart!
I applaud everyone who followed their hearts and voted for the song they liked the best without thinking about if it was a typical "ESC-song" or not. Quality is always quality. The look on Suzzie's face when it was announced that she goes to Andra Chansen made my evening. Touching!

8. "I Love Europe" - Christer Sjögren
M: I actually like him! (in shameful voice)
D: Shut up!
M: You like him too!
N: This is Ralph Siegel-bad! Disgusting flags! Lyrics to throw up to!
Everything has already been said. No need to dwell on it. Swedes like their dansband and if you combine it with glamorous plumes on stage it goes to their heads. Silly stuff! And why is it always the rubbish entries that stick like glue in my head? I can live with having it in Globen as I'm positive it will end up last there (like "Samba sambero" and "Jag tror på människan" last year) but I feel sorry for the better songs who won't be in the final because of Lederhosen-Schlager.

Posh's personal favourites:
1. Suzzie
2. Velvet
3. Amy
4. Michael
5. Brandur
6. E-Type & The Poodles
7. Christer
8. Face 84

  • Kristian Luuk was funny and ironic as usual. Keep it up!

  • Arja Saijonmaa was fabulous as a manic finger-chopper in the opening film sequence.

  • Character Mats Pålsson from Hipp Hipp made a promising start in the MF-tour but he is no Rolf Nygård yet.

  • Björn Gustavsson is a genious and I feel sorry for all those people who don't understand Swedish. Stand-up where you actually laugh at the jokes!

Photos: SVT


Björn said...

I voted for Suzzie as well, so let´s applaud each other!

Nina said...

Big pat on the back to you Björn! :)

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Christer rules!

A girl came up to me in Frölunda Torg shopping centre offering me some sort of promotion, and when i said i was on holiday to watch MF, she told me her favourite was Velvet. When I said i liked Christer best, she looked at me like i was EVIL!

Schlagerboys said...

Christer Sjögren is completely fabulous and no doubt we will be taking "I Love Europe" banners to Globen in March!!!

MelloMats said...

The character from Hipp hipp is called Morgan Pålsson, not Mats Pålsson.

I agree with many of your comments. I think we should vote for two winners. One will be the winner of MF and the other one goes to ESC. That way we could send Christer to Belgrade without letting him win. Since no other country takes this competition seriously (Lasha tumbai, anyone?) why should we?