MF prediction

On first listening, after seeing the songs on the live show, one thing stands perfectly clear. It is more likely that Sweden cracks on the middle and sinks in the ocean than Androla missing out on the Globe. For the first time since, well, the last Ice Age or so, I feel Carola being genuine and attractive in a pop number. Not bad.

Nice thing, but it also means one of my two favourites must miss out. You see, I am MAD about the boy. Ola has stolen my heart and I think his lightly bombastic mix of retro A-Ha/Alphaville goes schlager is fantastic. But I also crack up from side to side when I hear Sanna. I want both of them in the Globe, but who will have to take the detour via Andra Chansen?

I think Sweden will vote Sanna straight into the final, which is a bad thing tactically. I think she would easily go through Andra Chansen, while I am not so sure about Ola accomplishing the same trick. But he should still have a hit single secured for himself.

Lasse Lindh grew on me, Andra Generationen worked for me live, The Nicole was funny and amusing, Alexander Schöld not my cup of tea, Rongedal too messy for me but a clear favourite for many voters. My old prediction still stands. Let's see how well I know the Swedes.


Tobias said...

So, Andra Generationen instead of Lasse Lindh probably makes very little difference in the end.

Carola & Andreas will get accompanied by Sanna to the final, while Ola gets a week in Kiruna with Rongedal.

Tobias said...

Did you hear that loud crack when Sweden broke apart? Get ready to sink. Madre mia! :D

Anonymous said...

Två bästa låtarna till final - helt klart. Om du nån gång behöver hjälp med att förutse resultatet, kan jag tipsa om den unge herre som för tillfället leder melodifestivalklubbens lista över resultatgissningar....


/Mattias i Visby

Tobias said...

Ser jag UT som om jag skulle behöva hjälp...? :D
I hoped for Carola to Andra Chansen, but I wanted Ola instead of Rongedal. Ah well, I am not unhappy.

Yoyo said...

U soo dont look that U need ANY help!!! It`s so much easyer for us that dont have to predict anything..We can just be glamour afterwards*S* Im going around with a smile on my face, I love that Androlla have to fight to get to the final!!

AND I actually LOVE SANNA that doesent happen every melodifestival!!!!

Roger said...

So does this mean Globen will be underwater by 15 March? ;-) What a great television moment that was this evening!!