Hello Skopje!

One of the eight countries selecting their entry for Belgrade tonight is FYR Macedonia - yet another of these ex-Yugo republics that make my weak old heart beat faster.

There has been so much criticism towards FYR Macedonia for their late habit of making the final every year from the semis. I read those comments every year and fail to see any reason anywhere? Why would it be forbidden for FYR Macedonia of all countries to do that? Would the same criticism arise had it been the Netherlands doing the same thing? (I would think no.)

Besides, many of the offerings from the Skopje region have been pure pleasure in the ears of Mr Becks. My eyes still sparkle like I was a child on christmas day when I hear the first ever FYR Macedonian entry, from 1996, that the juries rejected from the Oslo final. (What do I normally say about dumb juries?)

There is no video of Kaliopi singing anywhere in Youtube, but here is the audio version the juries voted (or failed to vote) upon. I'm wild with this one!

Best wishes, FYR Macedonia! Love you!

Kaliopi Gril - Samo ti - FYR Macedonia 1996
rejected in the pre-selection

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