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Tonight's hopefulls in MF semi 1

There you have them back to back. I have now listened to the clips 3-4 times and I still find it a good selection and I can't wait to watch the show on TV in a few hours. I might pop in to give a better prediction after seeing the performances - but before the voting is over.

Every single blog and piece of news I have read today stand united in trashing "I love Europe" to pieces. Some are even brave enough to suggest that it will be a complete and utter failure and a sure last place in the contest. I sincerely hope they are right but I still predict the Swedes over a certain age will find Sjögren charming enough to dial the number on the screen. I just pray that my earlier prediction is wrong and that he doesn't get closer to Globen than Andra Chansen.

I dare say at this point that "Visst finns mirakel" is going to be my big favourite in the long run. That voice, those lyrics! Wow! Too bad the viewers usually go for the more upbeat numbers in the first week of schlager...

The papers are heavily pushing E-Type & The Poodles to join Amy Diamond in Globen, but at the same time admitting that it is more down to the fireworks on stage than the actual song. Fine by me if it means no horrid "I love Europe" there. (Btw, the female dancers are wearing flags under their feathers! Puke-warning!)

Oh, and E-Type & Co seem to be getting support from very unexpected places tonight. Rumour has it that my grandmother will vote for E-Type after finding out that he is a big fan of dogs and animals in general. Bless. If he was talking about Poodles or not I don't know...

Let the show begin!

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