Hungary selects tonight

Tonight Hungary will select their Eurosong for Belgrade, and that is something I look forward to. Over the years, Hungary has grown to be one of my favourite countries, and they keep sending interesting and clever entries for us all to enjoy. (And they sent a few not too brilliant ones as well, but let's forget about them for the moment.)

All songs can be listened to at MTV's website, but I haven't heard a single one as their server and my computer refused to play ball. Well, I will listen to the winner once it is ready.

I just try to prepare for diappointment. I mean, how easy can it be following up NOX and Magdi Rúzsa? Brilliant entries, both of them. Not to mention, to stand in the shadow of Friderika Bayer?

If you want more info on Hungarian contributions, I can heartly recommend the Hungary in Eurovision site, a must for anyone who loves the Hungarian tunes. And who wouldn't?

Friderika Bayer - Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet - Hungary 1994

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