Listen! MF semi 3

It's that time of the week again. Listen to the snippets over at SVT.

My views are as follows.

BWO - Lay your love on me
Very promising 60 seconds and very BWO. Will be massive on stage! Madonna's "Hung up" comes to mind. Have the potential to become equally as big hit as that song around Europe. I would ship this off to Eurovision without blinking.

Mickey Huscic - Izdajice
OK Balkan-ballad but no masterpiece. He wants to sound rocky but to me the voice is just strained and not comfortable to listen to. Forgetable.

Frida feat. Headline - Upp o hoppa
Will be a rather nice summer hit with reggae beat (think Markoolio last year). Difficult to hear what Frida is singing with that thick skånska coming out. All in all a decent attempt but by no means a candidate to Globen.

Therese Andersson - When you need me
Think Alenka (Slovenia 2007) but with a better song. I'm still disappointed as I wanted something more and better from Pay-TV-Tessan. It doesn't hook me in those 60 seconds. Unfortunately.

Patrik Isaksson & Bandet - Under mitt tunna skinn
Happy schlagerpop in the best possible way! Really, really good! Nothing more needs to be added. Congratulations Patrik, here's your revenge for not getting to Globen with the wonderful "Faller du så faller jag" two years ago.

Caracola - Smiling in love
Three female Jimmy Jansson clones with way too much sugar on top for a cold-hearted soul like myself. And let's not even mention the "Mmmbop" revival in the chorus. Gosh!

Ainbusk - Jag saknar dig ibland
This week's Suzzie Tapper. Beautiful song and no doubt well performed by Ainbusk. I don't know if it is the 80s feel in it that makes me think of Solstollarna's collaboration with Carina Carlsson (of Cayenne MF-94)? That said in a positive spirit.

Eskobar - Hallelujah New World
Somewhat haunting clip which leaves me wanting to hear more. Much more. I like this style of music and welcomes it to the MF-stage even if I don't see Eskobar on a plane to Serbia in the near future. Reminds of another favourite of mine in the outside world - Christian Walz.

Posh says BWO & Patrik Isaksson to Globen, Ainbusk & Eskobar to Andra Chansen.

Posh says the Swedes will vote:
Patrik Isaksson
Andra Chansen
5. Eskobar
6. Frida feat Headline
7. Mickey Huscic
8. Therese Andersson


Tobias said...

Hey - miss Posh - what do you mean? In one place, you say Eskobar to the Globe, then you say Caracola. What is your REAL prediction? :)

Nina said...

Morning Mr Becks, have you been sniffing that vodka again? Was the bathroom floor comfortable? ;)

Posh says THE SWEDES WILL VOTE...Caracola to ANDRA CHANSEN but in my perfect world Eskobar would take their place.

The Globe will see neither of them as BWO and Isaksson are already there.

Tobias said...

Ah. No vodka, actually. I leave that for the Maltese. And for The Nicole. :)

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Poor old Thérèse - I thought she'd get through, but I may have to review my opinion after hearing the two of you putting her last...

Tobias said...

Her chances of getting through to the final are equal to nil, I'd say. Not the kind of song the Swedes would go for, even if I like it.