Late comment on MF

Was meaning to write a review of Saturday's MF yesterday but got carried away finding rare tracks from the history of national finals. Stuff like Liliane St Pierre from the Luxembourg heat 1978 and the likes of it. Imagine! But back to Melodifestivalen...

My prediction was way off this time and although I'm very happy for Frida I feel equally bad for Patrik Isaksson. His song was 10.000 times better than "When you need me" and "Smiling in love".

What to say about BWO? Fab! Fab! Fab! If there's any justice in the world this should go on to become a hit across the globe. Heads above the rest in the heat and in MF so far this year. Lovely crazy costumes too. Only Alexander Bard could come up with that. "Let's dress like a pack of cards!" Great! And exactly how handsome isn't Martin? Pwoar!

Saturday daytime I started to believe that Frida could advance, but then I had Andra Chansen in mind. What a swinging, happy, clappy number. Even the rap worked and they had so much fun on stage. Priceless to see the shocked face of Frida after having won. Pure happiness!

Therese gave a good stageshow but my friends and I decided that it contained too much opera for us. A relative to both Nightwish and (ugh!) Elysion. Terran sold it, looked fantastic in that dress, with Carola's flags and fan. But I'm surprised it beat both Ainbusk and Isaksson.

Bubbly performance by Caracola and they sang in tune. That far I'm with them. Just wish the songwriters had endeavoured to write real lyrics. Aggressivly sugary is not my thing. I want to decide for myself not being told "You must like me or else..." That's how I felt. Doesn't really matter now as Ola will demolish them in Andra Chansen.

Shocker only 5th place for Patrik Isaksson. Felt sorry for him. It was a really good song and he couldn't have done it better. Expect to hear it non-stop on a radio near you (if in Sweden) from now on.

Ainbusk. I like Josefin's fragile voice and thought more people would. Was perhaps a too traditional schlager-ballad for viewers? Because it was by no means bad and would have gone down well in the days of juries. My only guess is that the Swedes are more modern than ever this year and ready for a Popfestival in Globen. (not including Sjögren in that context)

The Bosnian element of the evening was better than the short pre-clip. But it fell apart when Mickey Huscic changed to English. And I'm still not fond of his strained voice. Got that placing right at least.

Someone who did NOT deserve the last place was Eskobar. I'm in love with the chorus of Hallelujah New World. I can admit that they were a tad boring on stage and prepared myself for a failure in votes but last??? The song is going straight to my iPod that's for sure.

Comedian Björn Gustavsson was lovable as usual when he performed his self-penned love song to Luuk's girlfriend - TV-presenter Carina Berg. What a HUGE improvement to have him involved instead of last year's musical fiasco. "Take me to the city of light". "There's no such place. You have the light inside yourself.It was there all along" The end. Zzzzzzzz.

Next week we'll finally hear Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero". The song we have all been waiting for. By then we will know for sure if it is a strong threat to "Lay your love on me" and "Empty room". For now Posh is backing BWO 100%!


Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Hey - I LOVED the Melodifestivalen musical from last year... although that may only be because I couldn't really understand most of it ;)

Yoyo said...

Yeah that would be why!! But acctually nobody else otherstood it either even too most of us understand swedish *L*

Nina said...

Dear Bollinger, what are you on? ;) I don't think one single person in the whole of Sweden loved that horrible musical. Sorry. The singers were good but the script was doomed.