Whistle down to France

No open competition in France, they will select internally, trying to get a big name to enter for them. Tobias gave a range of choices a few weeks ago. My contribution to the list is Aussie-born-now-living-in-England-and-having-a-career-in-France Tina Arena. I first noticed her in the late 90s when giving this performance at Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th celebration concert. Amazing voice which matched the musical ballad perfectly.

Tina Arena - "Whistle Down The Wind"

Then years later when I found myself on holiday in Australia my friend and I stumbled upon a concert she gave in her hometown of Melbourne. We got ourselves last minute tickets 15 minutes before it started and were blown away by Tina's repertoire.

She's not a huge name outside of Oz, France and the UK so what would she have to lose by entering Eurovision? I would be thrilled to see her in the contest! And if nothing else maybe the BBC will re-think about next year's selection?!

"Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible"

"Tu es toujours là"

"To sir with love"
"Don't cry for me Argentina"

Tina Arena 4 Eurovision!

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