8 New Winners

Last night we got to see 8 new finalists. Some very disappointing, a few good ones and some disasters. Let's start with Iceland. They know how to pick a winner unlike some other islands. Not mentioning any names but a very green island.

Iceland 2008: Euroband - "This is my life"

Even if the song is a bit too flirtatious with the early 90s-sound I still like it. And any song featuring Regina Òsk must be good. That's the law. Will be surprised if this doesn't go through the semi in Belgrade.

FYR Macedonia 2008: Tamara & Vrcak & Adrijan - "Vo imeto na ljubovta"

What a mess! What were they thinking? I haven't heard the other songs but was this really the best they could do? Disappointing.

Croatia 2008: Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents - "Romanca"

Eh....have the Croatians gone completely mad? The song in itself is quite traditional and not harmful but why bring in the local mafia with a Hugh Hefner-look-a-like to perform it? Now we might as well send Christer Sjögren off and they can battle it out in the Senior Eurovision - Live from a nursing home close to you!

Bulgaria 2008: Deep Zone & Balthazar - "DJ Take Me Away"

Hurrah!!! I really like this dance track! Way to go Bulgaria. You surprised me last year with a fantastic song and now you follow it up with another fresh dish. Thank you. And who can go wrong with a name like good ol' Balthazar?! Woho!

Ireland 2008: Dustin the Turkey - "Irlande Douze Pointe"

I hope you are proud of yourself you stupid Irish! A screaming puppet is just what the Eurovision needs. This. Is. Not. Funny. The one and only thing in this whole mess that I actually like is the line about "Wogan's wig". But that's it. Unfortunately I don't expect the turkey to get the placing he deserves. People will vote and I will cry.

Poland 2008: Isis Gee - "For Life"

Traditional ballad not unlike Dutch "My impossible dream" from 2005. Quite nice but American Isis was struggling with the high notes last night. Not a good sign. But compared with the bunch chosen yesterday this is among the best. Doesn't say much really but 2008 is looking more and more like a middle-of-the-road-year. Shame. Btw, Isis Gee has a twin in Swedish tv-presenter Linda Isaksson. "Like as berries" as we say in Sweden.

Romania 2008: Nico & Vlad Mirita - "Pe-o margine de lume"

Strong good voices in a duet which brings back memories from "Tell me why". Other people have compared the song to one of my Italian favourites "Avrei voluto" (1989). Not quite guys, but not a bad song at all. It will definitely pick up votes across the scoreboard.

Ukraine 2008: Ani Lorak - "Shady Lady"

Thank God for the Ukraine! At least there is one country you can always count on to deliver. It's finally superstar Ani Lorak's turn to take the stage in Eurovision with a smoking hit penned by Philip Kirkorov. Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it!

Now please have your say about these 8 new songs. Is it a stuffed turkey or a senior citizen with a stick for you?


Tommy Engström said...

Skönt att se att du gillar Bulgarien Nina. Första gången jag hörde "DJ, Take me away" fattade jag ingenting. Andra gången började jag inse lite mer vad det handlade om och efter tredje gången är jag helt förälskad i låten - bäst i år :-) Sen följer Rumäniens fina ballad som jag gillade med en gång föjt av Island och så Ukraina.
Dustin - Inte särskilt bra eller kul när man fick höra låten och den blev enormt sämre när man såg "live-akten". Spy-varning :-)

Och så håller jag på BWO :-)

Nina said...

Hej Tommy!!! Vad kul att du kommenterar hos oss. :)

När jag hörde de första 30 sek av Bulgarien första gången fattade jag inte heller. Instrumental låt? Men riktigt, riktigt bra ju! Snygg video med.

Håller fortfarande Norge väldigt högt på min lista och Sverige om BWO vinner.