The moment you think you forget

Turkey is a virtual treasure chest - every time I just feel like dishing out a good entry for the sake of showing something good or funny, it seems Turkey is eagerly waiting to provide something useful.

"Unuttugumu sangidim anda" (The moment you think you forget) may be another nightmare title for commentators to spend sleepless nights over, but this song (runner-up in the 1999 Turkish final) could probably have gained a few more points than the misfortunate "Dön artik" did. (Not that "Dön artik" didn't deserve more, that is not at all what I am saying.)

Feryal Basel won the OGAE Second Chance Contest with this song in 1999 and kept coming back a few times in the national series without huge success. If anybody knows what she is up to these days, please fill me in.

Feryal Basel - Unuttugumu sangidim anda - Turkey NF 1999

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