Becks on Portugal

Vânia Fernandes - Senhora do Mar 2/5

Portugal keeps trying and trying and trying. Being the one country keeping on the longest without ever winning is not fun, let me tell you all. And whatever the Portuguese has sent, Europe made thumbs down, more or less.

For a while, I thought RTP headed down the right street, sending Sofia Vitoria and 2B, both signalling more modern and contemporary sounds. A step in the right direction. Then Non-Stop came and ruined the whole thing, leaving the Portuguese confused.

So when self-proclaimed ESC master Andrej Babic comes running, they all fall for it and think he will be the key to success with this plastified fake-fado with it's pompous setting and make-believe emotion. I can stretch myself to finding it OK, but I think many people will fall for this.

In the final?
Yes, I think Portugal will finally make it there. Which is of course great fun for the Portuguese, but I would prefer them to send a home-crafted tune instead.


empty brain said...

När ska du skriva om finallåtarna, Sir Larsson ?

Tobias said...

Nu, när jag kommit hem från min vecka i Slovenien och Kroatien... :)

lonely days said...

Åh, förlåt.
Jag bara ser fram emot artikeln om Frankrike.
Hoppas du hade kul där !

miguel said...

you really don´t know the history of ESC!!! do you really think Portugal never send good music to ESC? Portugal just have one problem my friend: neighbours!!!!!!!! and "YES" Portugal will win ESC when fishies of the Atlantic Ocean could vote in contest!
RTP is note trying to win and if you don´t know, in Portugal people don´t care about ESC...you are right in one think: for a long time ago Portugal musted withdraw from this "neighbours contest".
In 2008 was not RTP to ask Babic but Babic to ask RTP to write a song for ESC.

Tobias said...

Hey Miguel, thanks for sharing. It would be fun if you read my post before reacting to it (where exactly do I say that Portugal never sent anything good - in fact Portugal is one of my favourite countries through the years) but it is nice to see you care. I hope you are happy now, and less likely to write aggressive postings on other people's blogs.
Love and snogs!