Aaaah, Anne-Marie

35 years ago, Luxembourg triumphed in the Eurovision Song Contest held on home ground in the Théatre Nouveau (later renamed Théatre Municipal), putting all the spotlights of Europe onto young Anne-Marie David, who had already had a taste fame doing Maria Magdalena in Jesus Christ Superstar in France.

Anne-Marie may not have transformed into the biggest star ever on French territory, but "Tu te reconnaîtras" was a big hit both here and there over the globe in various languages, and Anne-Marie managed to build herself a fine career in Turkey of all places.

Not to mention that it is my favourite winner to date in Eurovision. And Anne-Marie is one of the best performers ever in the contest. If you want to read more about her, check out this fansite, for instance.

Anne-Marie David - Tu te reconnaîtras - Luxembourg 1973

Anne-Marie David - Un peu romantique
rejected entry France 1972

Anne-Marie David - Je suis l'enfant soleil - France 1979

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