Becks on Ireland

Dustin the Turkey - Irelande Douze Points 0/5

Maybe you are all bound to percieve me as a grey, dull, boring, fun-hating, twisted old-fashioned individual now, but this is really not the thing for me. This is, after all, the Eurovision Song Contest and not the Muppet Show.

Besides, no muppet ever looked as cheap and home-made as this piece of peasant poultry. He looks like a sock puppet severely wounded by moths.

I must admit that the song has its moments, and partially it is even funny, but on the whole it feels like material for a 20 second sketch on a half-witty BBC comedy show stretched out far too long for its own good.

And, seriously, what does Ireland have to complain about? They were the people almost beating the contest to death with their ballads and bagpipes in the 90's. They won seven times. What is their problem? And is it OUR fault they entered crappy songs for the last few years? Find a decent act instead of whining.

In the final?
Yes, sadly enough a great deal of people will find this clever enough on a Tuesday night to send it into the top nine. But it could also be just too loud, too silly and too cheap a trick to work with the masses. Time will tell.

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Quinten said...

Well, I do not really imagine it is likely to have effect.