Becks on Latvia

Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea 0/5

If you wondered why I struggled to stay so nice towards Lithuania before, it is just because they are so much better behaved than their Baltic brothers. The Lithuanian vocal exercise may be dull, but at least it is not offensive. But this...?

To make one thing perfectly clear - I am a big fan of Latvia. Riga is one of my favourite cities and Latvians are great people. But they are not making it easy for me and they really put my love to the test here.

This is simply horrific. An insult towards intelligence, taste and music. Grown-ups dressing up as pirates, singing badly, looking a bit embarrassed themselves. Well, they ought to be.

Out of the horrific entries, and there are quite a few this year, this is the worst of the worst. And to top it off - it is written by Swedes. What is everyone in Latvia up to? Bring us some domestic quality next year, but stop the madness. Now.

In the final?
No, no, no. (I know I am probably wrong, but I refuse to accept it before it even happens.)

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