Becks on Romania

Nico & Vlad - Pe-o margine di lume 4/5

Surprising thing, really. After being one of the weakest countries in competition (low scores every year even though I liked their entries), Romania rocketed up to become one of the top contenders (with a brief pause last year, perhaps).

This year is right back to form, though. At first, this just seems to be your traditional two-for-the-price-of-one big ballad, straight out of Sanremo of the 80's. And then you listen again and realise the first impression was the lasting one. And that you really, really like it. At least if you have taste. And a soft spot for big ballads.

Good voices, clean-cut performers and a very catchy melody line could be it. In a year full of disco babes gyrating around the dance floor, maybe an emotional ballad could be one of the top tips? And Romanian is such a beautiful language that it is almost not necessary to mix it with Italian.

In the final?
Yes, and it will score really well there as well.

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