Celebrate the Fizz

27 years ago today saw Bucks Fizz rip their skirts off and win the Eurovision in Dublin after a breath-takingly close race with Germany, Switzerland, France and Ireland. "Making your mind up" was the start of a surprisingly good and long-lasting career for the foursome that had been designed to win the ESC and then split up but fortunately refused to do so.

Bucks Fizz kept scoring hits and having good album sales for a few years to come, and they are one of my all-time favourite ESC acts, even if I find their eurowinner to be one of their weaker singles.

Today they are almost totally forgotten about and neglected, but they are a pop act worthy of a true revival.

Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies

Bucks Fizz - Rules Of The Game

Bucks Fizz - Easy Love

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Schlagerprick said...

Yay fizzers!

Check out Land Of Make Believe - it's so good it makes MYMU look mediocre!