Becks on Bosnia-Herzegovina

Laka - Pokusaj 5/5

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." How nicely put (even if I can't remember exactly what rock celebrity said it at this very moment), and how appropriate when Bosnia's king of wacko rock steps on the stage accompanied by his sister, a chicken and half a village's worth of farmers.

What follows is a three-minute rock opera that is way more performance arts than your typical eurosong. Based on a Bosnian nursery rhyme, the lyrics ring out in incredibly melodic ways as Laka and Sis hurricane their way criss-cross over the stage, delivering a most seductive number for the people in the right mood.

There lies the problem - not everybody is going to be charmed by this. Maybe there is tiny bit too much bazaar going on to allow the average viewer to really get into this tune, and maybe the havoc will stop Bosnia from stepping into the final on May 24th.

But I hope not. This is sheer brilliance at its maddest. At a time when the bombastic Balkanic ballads starts feeling a tiny bit old, nothing could be more welcome than a bit of this. Well done.

In the final?
Yes, I think so. Unless Europe lost its sense of humour completely.

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