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Andy Abraham - Even If 2/5

I don't know what evil the Brits ever did, but for the third time in six years they sing as number two in the final, a fate that could kill any song, according to the eurofans. But three times in the past did the UK make top four despite singing in second place (Kathy Kirby, Olivia Newton-John and Jessica Garlick all survived), so it isn't necessarily a complete kiss of death.

Not that the UK would need one this time around. Compared to Scooch and their breath-takingly pale nonsense, this song could qualify for a Musical Oscar or something, but it is still very far from being good enough. It is a lukewarm soul effort that goes on and on for three minutes without any major surprises or happenings. Most of all it makes me think it would have been most suitable as an album track for LondonBeat somewhere back in 1991. Not bad, but far from exciting.

Andy Abraham has a good voice, but looks about as much as a pop star as does my mother, and that could be a drawback in this cold, hard, superficial world where looks and stage acts counts for almost as much as your song.

And when the song isn't better than this, there is not much to hope for.

A possible winner?
No. Despite being quite good and even some people's favourite, this could easily be the one song to score a 14th place in every country and end up with nul points in the end. I don't hope for that to happen, but I wouldn't be too surprised either.

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I Am Not The Beatles said...


It really isn't very good at all is it.

But that's what happens when you let the great British Public decide on pretty much anything.

Bring back the UK Euro peeps just bloody well telling us what being entered each year, that's what I say.