Becks on Denmark

Simon Mathew - All Night Long 1/5

As previously stated, Bulgaria is doing everything in their power to develop the contest and make a difference. Denmark are trying, on the verge of self destruction, to do the opposite.

So let me start with the good parts. Simon Mathew is a star - charming and goodlooking with a good voice. The production is good and the whole thing sounds quite OK. But apart from that everything is just horrifically wrong. The song in itself is a whiter shade of pale and repeats itself until your brain turns to mush.

And, worst of all, this is not a temporary glitch, this is a pattern. Ever since the 2002 fiasco with a modern-sounding piece of pop, the Danes have aggressively stuck to being old-fashioned, outdated, plastic and irrelevant. And it doesn't suit them at all. Next year I would hope for almost anything from Denmark as long as it doesn't sound like this.

In the final?
No, probably not. But on the other hand, I never saw the genius of their 2005 ditty either.

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