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Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents - Romanca 5/5

What happened here? I must admit that when I first heard this song, I thought it was some kind of excerpt from some weird musical about an old man and his stick and decided it wouldn't stand a chance in the voting.

And then I read the lyrics and was absolutely taken by them, and when I heard the recorded version, I was sold. Now this is one of my top personal favourites of the year.

I don't expect it to win or anything, but I get both touched and moved and enthusiastic at the same time. Very engaging, indeed. The only slight problem is the old man himself, who got a bit carried away during the live performance and got a bit too shouty and loud and out of tune, and if they don't fine-tune him a bit, we could have a real Severina-moment on our hands here (strong entry ruined by a performer who totally overdid the whole thing and scared the viewers instead of charming them).

The song in itself is sweet and melancholic, and the bad conscience in a world where youth is everything and nobody values experience anymore.

In the final?
Yes, I think this will convince more people than just me, as long as the old-timer behaves and keeps his shirt on.

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